BBC Has Become A Celebrity Cult

Mr Anderson claimed the BBC has been pushing a left-wing agenda in its programming.

Talking to Defund the BBC, Mr Anderson said that the fundamental differences were that you had normal people probably earning a decent salary back in the 70s or 80s, but that now it’s become a celebrity cult where they pedal out this left-wing drivel and he added that they’re all probably privately educated.

He continued that they’re all champagne socialist, which he said he knew a lot of them were, with their left-wing agenda and that they despise Boris Johnson and they hate the Government.

And he said that he believed they were far too intellectual to have voted Brexit and that they were using their own experiences and feelings to pedal out their narrative through the media and that the BBC should be bigger than that.

The BBC has always repudiated allegations of bias and in its editorial guidelines, the corporation states it’s impartial aiming to reflect the views and experiences of their audiences.

On the BBC position, a spokeswoman for the Department of Media said that it’s an open recruitment process and that all public appointments were subject to robust and fair election criteria.

Mr Anderson went onto reveal that he would not be paying another penny to the BBC amid controversy on the TV licences and he said that he didn’t know what they were playing at because people were switching off in their droves and they were ripping up their TV licences.

Mr Anderson’s comments came as Richard Tice urged the BBC reassess its licence fee structure as Britons can get almost everything the broadcaster offers elsewhere.

The ex Brexit Party chairman said Britons shouldn’t be forced to pay a fixed amount for a fixed set of TV services.

Richard Tice said that it just felt like in today’s world when there’s so much competition, you can effectively get almost all of what the BBC offers from other people – that’s how the competition works.

And he added that he thought that was why there needed to be a proper reassessment and that was why at the Brexit Party, one of their policies was to have a relook at the BBC licence fee structure.

Unfortunately, objective reporting of the truth gets in the way and is an inconvenience for right-wing Governments peddling lies. Thus all the attacks on the BBC under the Tories, especially from their billionaire press, or is this just coincidence? And the British brainwashing corporation needs to go.

And they get away with it, but why do they get away with what they do? It’s because they force people into a contract they don’t want with jail and fines if they don’t pay.

They know older people have no money to pay for it, but so does the Government, and the Government over time knew that they’d been intimidated with jail and fines if they didn’t pay for something they didn’t want or couldn’t afford.

The Government also knows that it’s full of prejudice and propaganda aimed at whatever agenda and it’s all a scandal because you’d better pay your TV licence fee. After all, day and night the BBC’s detector vans roam the streets seeking you out and you could be next.

We haven’t heard quite so much about these four-wheeled agents of surveillance in recent years, but now they’re back in the news with apparent plans to update them to detect people watching iPlayer, the BBC’s online live and catch up viewing service, which is accessible free of charge within the United Kingdom.

Previously, a licence was needed to watch live programmes on iPlayer, in just the same way as if you watched them using a TV aerial, but not if you watched them later, but now a licence will be required to watch any TV content on iPlayer.

Now BBC vans will spread out across the country capturing information from private Wi-Fi networks in homes to sniff out those who’ve not paid the licence fee and the corporation has been given legal dispensation to use the new technology, which is generally only available to crime-fighting agencies – so now, instead of being armed with a knife or a gun, we’re armed with a TV connection!

But the disclosure will lead to fears about invasion of privacy, so rapidly did those concerns saturate social media that within a day the BBC was stating that it was wrong to imply that their technology involved capturing data from private Wi-Fi networks.

This appears to render moot an emerging controversy between computer security specialists about how the BBC might detect, from the kerb, that people were accessing iPlayer, along with a similar debate between lawyers about how it might do so without its staff or contractors going to jail.

Capturing data from private networks would certainly require some type of legal cover.

The Regulations of Investigatory Powers (British Broadcasting Corporation) Order 2001 already permitted TV Licencing, the BBC’s licence enforcement arm, to use powers created in the notorious Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) to deploy detection equipment.

If this was to be amended in the even more notorious Investigatory Powers (IP) bill currently going through parliament, there was no sign of it in existing drafts. However, if no data was to be captured at all from private networks, what would TV Licencing be asking permission for? And what would the vans be doing?

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