Mum Of Eight On Benefits Defends Planning A Holiday To Spain

Marie Buchan defended her expedition because she needed a holiday after the stress of looking after her children at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 39-year-old, from Birmingham, plans to give her family the best Christmas that she can before rushing to Alicante.

The lockdown has impacted everyone, she said, and she continued that people are losing their jobs but that where they’ve been put on furlough the Government are paying 80 per cent of their wages.

She said that Government claimants like herself – a mum of eight, are overlooked, and she said that her children have been home for most of the year because the schools and colleges have had coronavirus outbreaks or have been closed.

She continued that they haven’t got a laptop at home to access classes online, and they can’t afford one without getting in debt because the assistance isn’t there, and she said that people have to provide for their children but they’ve had no increase whatsoever to help with food, travel and heating and that they’ve had nothing at all.

She said that people might say she’s a Government claimant sponging off the state but she wonders how much help those people have had. Did they take the 80 per cent through the furlough, or did they say no?

She said it’s been a tremendous struggle, and shops that have shut down have had help, but that they’ve had no help at all.

Marie claims benefits totalling about £500 each week, enabling her to run a household for her children aged between six and 16, and she previously said sexism has held her back from pursuing a career as a mechanic after attaining a Level 2 diploma in the trade.

The former lap dancer also told This Morning that life was better on benefits than working. She then came under fire for spending £2,500 on breast augmentation surgery at a private clinic in Turkey.

The Brummie said that the cost of food and bills was going up all the time, everything from food to electricity, and she said that she should be back in college but with the children at home because of COVID, she hasn’t been able to go back.

She also said that she wants to go back to work, but right now, where does she turn? But Marie said she will be taking the week-long holiday in the New Year, which she regards as a much-needed break.

Is it just me because I just don’t get why she thinks she’s entitled to more benefits because of the pandemic.

So many hardworking singles and couples have lost their jobs and they should be first in line for any benefits as they’ve contributed to the system, and doesn’t the father pay something towards his children’s needs – perhaps not!

She also decides that she’s entitled to a weeks holiday – I’m sure there are far more meritorious people like nurses and doctors. They and many other people are working their goolies off just to survive.

The welfare state is correct for those who fall on hard times and this story is precisely why people who struggle get irritated, to say the least, and sadly media focus is in people like herself so society believes that the majority of benefit claimants are like her, which isn’t the case.

This woman allegedly can afford plastic surgery but she can’t afford a laptop for her children, well doesn’t your heart bleed for her? She could have easily got a refurbished laptop cheap, but instead, her priorities are all wrong.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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