Boris Johnson Says Schools In England Won’t Reopen Until March 8

Schools in England won’t reopen before March 8, Boris Johnson has announced as he dashed hopes of children returning after the half term.

The Prime Minister revealed that schools will not start reopening after the February break as earlier anticipated, and the announcement infers that lockdown will be in position for countless weeks to come because the Government has repeatedly pledged to schools being the first to open as measures are lifted.

It comes after Tory backbenchers and Labour MPs called for clarity over the return to school and raised serious concerns about the impact closures were having on children’s mental health.

And in a statement to the Commons, the Prime Minister said that if they reach their target of vaccinating everyone in the four most vulnerable groups with their first dose by February 15, and that every passing day sees more progress towards that goal, then those groups will have acquired immunity from the virus about three weeks later, that’s by March 8.

He then continued that they hope it will therefore be safe to start the reopening of schools from Monday, March 8, and he said other economic and social restrictions would be lifted thereafter as and when the data permits.

When the latest national lockdown was first announced, the Prime Minister said that schools would remain closed to the majority of children until the February half term.

Today he reiterated the need to give parents and teachers as much certainty as possible, including two weeks’ notice of the return of face-to-face teaching.

Boris Johnson added that he must inform the House that for the reasons he’s outlined it won’t be possible to reopen schools immediately after the February half term and that he knew how frustrating that would be for pupils and teachers who want nothing more than to get back to the classroom.

He continued that for parents and for carers who spent so many months balancing their day jobs, not only with homeschooling but also meeting the myriad of other demands of their children from breakfast until bedtime. He said that they will work with parents, teachers and schools so that pupils can make up their learning throughout this parliament.

Responding to the announcement, Geoff Barton, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, said that what was important was that the government ensures that full reopening is done in a way which is safe and sustainable, and which inspires the confidence of education staff and the public.

But what should happen is that the pupils should get a repeat year and do some basic work at home for now so that they can stay up to speed.

People are having to work from home. Homeschool their children, look after younger children and other things – it’s like asking some parents to do three full-time jobs all at once, and it’s creating a lot of tension indoors, especially for those without a garden or those living in cramped conditions.

And Boris Johnson said in the Commons that schools were quite safe and then he closed them because he thought they were unsafe – which one is it? It can’t be both.

Most of the general public didn’t understand what the Prime Minister was saying, or was he just twisting it? Because of course, there’s enough of that going on in the media.

Ultimately, you will own nothing, and you will be HAPPY. These are the warnings of the Orwellian Great Reset, and this is the plan, a plan that people have repeatedly warned about.

To take the tools of oppression used to tackle the coronavirus and use them by enforcing lockdowns, business closures, exclusion zones, isolations, including destroying private property rights and private income, to tackle the climate crisis.

It shows the terrifying and revolutionary ideas straight from the mouths of the founder of the World Economic Forum and, inter alia, our own Prince Charles, who has been completely bought into the elite-driven, Man-made climate change zeitgeist.

It’s the Great Reset that they have openly espouse as being as serious and as dangerous a threat to our prosperity and freedom as we’ve encountered in decades.

It’s a terrifying alliance of big business and big tech, who are so bold and shameless and they’re promising it to the public, and this garbage is already deeply rooted into our state and governments.

And the intention is very real, as has been confirmed by the words and actions of the proponents of the Great Reset, who are invariably extremely powerful and rich people, and they certainly mean business, and even that phrase is one they invented – it wasn’t made up by flake conspiracy theorists.

The fact that the Great Resetters haven’t so far succeeded to anything like their full intentions, and have had many setbacks, doesn’t prove that there is no such plan, or that they’re ever going to rest until they accomplish their objective.

It took centuries for man to learn to fly, with a long string of failures and many earnest people falling by the wayside, but the drive to succeed continued to burn in new adventurers until it eventually happened.

So, if you want to be a spectator parroting ‘If God intended man to fly, he would have given us wings’ then you’re free to do so. Right up to the point when a plane shoots over our heads and drops a bomb on us. You will not be spared any more than the rest of us!

Published by Angela Lloyd

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