Dominic Cummings Threatens To Expose Important COVID Documents

Dominic Cummings set the stage for an explosive debut, maintaining an obsession with secrecy at the heart of the Government that contributed considerably to the catastrophe of the COVID pandemic in the United Kingdom.

Boris Johnson’s former top aide also threatened to reveal a crucial historical document when he was interrogated on No 10’s handling of coronavirus at a joint session of the health and science committees.

He took to Twitter in a typically long harangue about the pandemic, saying that openness to scrutiny would have exposed Government mistakes weeks earlier than had happened.

He asked the Government to learn from this in their handling of the vaccine rollout and the Indian variant by making 99 per cent of it known to boost morale even more.

It came after last night he branded the UK’s border policy a joke amid questions over whether Indian arrivals should have been haled sooner.

No 10 is bracing itself for a pounding from the Prime Minister’s former Svengali when he takes questions from ministers next Wednesday.

He appeared to goad the Prime Minister over a document from his time in Downing Street, and he asked his 37,000 Twitter fans whether he should reveal it when he appears to keep it secret by selling it for charity. He later explained that he would be releasing the document to the committee whatever happened.

In comments that will be greedily lapped up by MPs on the committees due to question him, Dominic Cummings said that one of the most significant and unarguable lessons of February to March is that secrecy contributed considerably to the catastrophe and that openness to scrutiny would have exposed Government failures weeks earlier than happened.

So, why are MPs accepting the lack of a public plan now for Vaccine Task Force (VTF) viz variants? Particularly when rumours reach that silent entropy of Whitehall and is now gradually turning VTF back into a normal entity?

He said that the best hedge re a variant escaping current vaccines is the public inspection of Government plans and that this would conceivably show it’s been taken seriously. If not, better to learn now that the Government have screwed it up again, than when the variant escapes and news breaks.

We know about the Governments bad handling from the start of the pandemic, that’s not a secret, but seeing as Dominic Cummings was part of that decision, it would be wise for him to keep quiet and go away, and he should slither back under the rock from whence he came and never come out again.

And anyone with a measure of common sense knows that the Government have failed this country badly, yet people continue to vote blue, but Britons are afraid to admit they messed up and voted for Boris Johnson, and nothing will ever convince them otherwise because they still see him as some Churchillian goof.

The problem is, resentment nibbles away at some people and they will do whatever they can to scratch that itch, even if they destroy themselves in the process.

Dominic Cummings wouldn’t be telling us anything that we don’t already know, and believe it or not, the great unwashed, do have brains, and anything related to this pandemic should be of public concern.

We already know that they allowed 24 million arrivals into the United Kingdom with zero health checks from January to March 2020. We already know that Boris Johnson skipped the first few crisis meetings, and we already know that they were told to frighten the population by their communist advisers.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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