Boris Johnson Threatens ‘Reckless And Selfish’ Protesters With Jail

Boris Johnson is to speed through legislation to prevent demonstrators from blocking motorways, as he declares his decision to protect the interests of the law-abiding majority.

Under the proposed new law, activists who bring vital transport arteries to a standstill will face up to six months in jail or extensive fines.

The move follows complaints from the police that they have lacked enough abilities to stop eco-protesters from the Insulate Britain group from bringing some of the country’s arterial roads such as the M25, M1 and M4 to a standstill.

Some motorists have been stranded in gridlock while taking relatives to the hospital or transporting essential supplies.

The Prime Minister said that Government will always stand on the side of the law-abiding majority and ensure the toughest punishments possible for offenders who intentionally bring major roads to a standstill.

He said that they will give the police the powers they require to end their thoughtless and selfish ways, and he said the right to protest is sacrosanct, but there’s no right to deliver chaos and misery on people trying to go about their lives.

Boris Johnson outlined his hardline position as he appeared at the Tory Party conference against the backdrop of the separate road chaos created by the fuel crisis, which has led to a severe deficit of petrol on forecourts in London and the South East.

With almost 200 troops prepared to swing into action to help alleviate the situation, the Petrol Retailers Association reported a distinct improvement in the situation across much of the country due to the restraint of drivers.

Nevertheless, deficits seemed to be worsening in London and the South East.

A former Tory Cabinet Minister criticised industry bosses for demanding the return of cheap foreign workers rather than expanding the skills and earnings of British workers post-Brexit.

Writing in the MoS, David Jones said that the Remain lobby is both hostile and influential, even now, and that the fuel crisis is an all to useful shroud, and they’re waving it with vigour.

The Cabinet Office started a leak inquiry into how particular briefings from a meeting about fuel supplies found their way to ITV News, stoking the fuel crisis, as the MoS revealed last week.

The Government has accused the Road Haulage Association of doing so to force Ministers to let in lower-paid foreign workers, which the RHA has flatly denied.

But I’m beginning to believe that these rebels actually have a point because the Government have been resting on their laurels doing nothing for far too long, and a peaceful demonstration is fine, but an intrusive continued rally is anarchy, which is disrupting normal law-abiding people from going about their business.

And let’s face it, Boris Johnson is a tad late because this mob have been causing chaos for weeks now and the Government and the police have stood by and watched them, and this is probably all talk by Boris Johnson and nothing will really be done because the police are totally worthless, keystone cops, and it seems that talk and bluster are the only things Boris Johnson is good at.

Contraception is cheap, but he didn’t appear to be interested in that either!

And perhaps he should just focus on getting fuel to London and the South East, as it would be most appreciated. And if he can hurry through this new Protest Law, why can’t he rush Priti Patel’s New Immigration Law and stop all of these migrants coming over the channel?

Published by Angela Lloyd

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