Bribes Of £1,000 Are Being Offered To Families In Cornwall

Families are being offered up to £1,200 to take their loved ones out of the hospital in a bid to ease a growing healthcare crisis.

Last month the Royal Cornwall Hospital declared a critical incident after up to 100 people were waiting to be seen in the emergency department with 25 ambulances queueing outside.

Local trusts are now offering grants for taking friends and relatives out of the hospital who have no clinical reason to be there.

The NHS Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group covers Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

It said reasons for the pressure include the continuing impact of COVID 19, pressure on staffing, the need for social care surpassing the available capacity to provide care for people away from the hospital.

A one-off grant of up to £1,200, through the Government’s national hospital discharge programme, is open for anyone who’s able to leave the hospital but requires a bit of additional care and support to return home.

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust medical director Dr Allister Grant said that patients should be picked up by friends or relatives as soon as they ask them to collect because the quicker they get someone home the faster they can give the bed to another person who really needs it.

Other measures reported include using a hotel to house patients and recruiting fire brigade drivers to assist the ambulance service to cope with extremely high demand.

This is what happens when the Government mandates vaccines for care home workers and then gets them fired for not having the jab, which doesn’t prevent you from passing on COVID, then older people are stuck in hospitals unable to get the care they need as more care homes can’t take people in.

And it now seems that people are paying National Insurance for the privilege of being made to feel guilty for using it, but of course, the Government have got to create some space for the new arrivals that are going to swamp the NHS, just like they’re swamping hotels.

Years ago there were convalescent hospitals that looked after people who had just come out of the hospital and needed a little extra care before they went home, but they were done away with for whatever reason, now they should reinstate them!

Elderly people in hospitals are not bed blockers, although they might not clinically need an NHS hospital bed, but they need a visiting care package or adapted home care, or even residential care, but these services are almost impossible to access, so the elderly through no fault of their own end up blocking NHS hospital beds because there’s simply nowhere to put them, and there’s no incentive from the Government or councils to do anything about it.

But what happened to all those Nightingale hospitals? They opened and then closed, and it looks like they were just built to frighten us.

Some elderly people have families that can look after them, but many don’t, and some families are too sick to look after their parents, but then what do you expect when we have to work until we’re 68, so if people are expected to work until they’re almost in their graves, how are they expected to look after a parent?

So now, the elderly are being sent home to die alone with no one to care for them, that’s very compassionate of Boris Johnson, but then I guess it would ease the pension bill for him.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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