Boris Bare-Faced!

Boris Johnson has been pictured travelling on a train without a face mask only 24 hours after he apologised for neglecting to wear one during a hospital visit.

The latest photograph was taken on Thursday as Boris Johnson travelled from Oxford Road Station in Manchester on the 3.55 pm service to Warrington Bank Quay during a busy week for the Prime Minister.

Just 24 hours earlier, at a meeting of Parliament’s Liaisons committee held at 4 pm on Wednesday, Boris Johnson was apologising for failing to wear a mask during a hospital visit in Northumberland on Monday.

Passengers were horrified to see the premier was not wearing a face-covering on Thursday despite Government guidance advising the use of masks in confined places and on public transport.

A source told a newspaper outlet that they got on the carriage and half was taped off, and a large crowd boarded the blocked off side, under careful supervision.

They said that people were surrounding the Prime Minister and a few of his people were noticeably not wearing a mask, unlike the rest of the passengers.

The incident came 24 hours after Boris Johnson had apologised for not wearing a mask during a hospital visit last week.

The Prime Minister was criticised after he was photographed without a face covering during a trip to Hexham General Hospital.

It emerged that Boris Johnson had to be told by NHS staff to put on a mask after he posed with nurses without a face covering.

He declared on Monday that he wears a mask wherever he’s required to under coronavirus guidance as he refused to apologise, and it wasn’t until days later that Boris Johnson did say sorry as he was grilled by Parliament’s powerful Liaison Committee at 4 pm on Wednesday.

Boris Johnson was questioned on the matter by senior Labour MP Yvette Cooper and he said that as for him not wearing a mask in Hexham Hospital, which they’d wrapped up in his general litany of crime, he wanted to say that it was barely 30 seconds when he wasn’t wearing a mask, and he said that he’d stepped out of the room, mistakenly not wearing it, and then put it back on as soon as he realised he’d made the mistake.

He apologised for it and said that most images of his visit to the hospital would confirm that he was properly masked throughout the remainder of the visit and he was masked on the way into the visit and he thanked everyone for allowing him to clear things up.

Boris Johnson never misses a chance to reduce his popularity.

And in his head he’s already had COVID and vaccines, so why should he bother with a mask? Did anyone tell him that it’s not like chickenpox immunity, the vaccine doesn’t last forever, he could get it again, but it looks like he doesn’t care because the educated clown is always breaking the rules, so this is nothing new.

But Boris Johnson said that people need to respect those around them, particularly in confined spaces such as trains, and he said he would only choose not to wear one if the train was quite empty. This train looked rather packed to me, yet Boris was there with his huge mouth gaping open while those around him were wearing masks, which makes Boris Johnson a national disgrace.

He expects people to follow his rules but he won’t do it himself. I think it’s time for Boris Johnson to bail out gracefully now, and there’s something reassuring about a leader who leads by example, but he’s not one of them!

Published by Angela Lloyd

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