The Driving Licenses And Passports Of Middle-Class Drug Users Could Be Revoked

Boris Johnson has announced that middle-class druggies could be stripped of their passports and driving licences under a tough new clampdown on Class A use.

The Prime Minister hit out at ‘lifestyle’ use of Class A by people who believed they were committing a victimless crime by only dabbling at the weekends.

He said he wanted to bring in examples that interfere with their lives as he accused them of being complicit in driving up drug-related crime across the United Kingdom.

Launching a ten-year blitz on county lines drug gangs he said narcotics were causing misery and rejected the notion of liberalising the law.

In a twin-track approach, resources will also be made available to help wean addicts off heroin, crack and other hard drugs.

Talking to a newspaper outlet Boris Johnson distinguished between addicts and social users of drugs, and he said that he didn’t want to stereotype them but he was speaking about lifestyle drugs. Those people who think it’s a victimless crime, and he said that it wasn’t, and that the country was littered with victims of what’s happened, and that they were going to look at different ways of punishing them. Things that would actually hinder their lives so they’ll be looking at taking away passports and driving licences.

Justice Secretary Dominic Raab told BBC’s Andrew Marr programme that they didn’t think the so-called middle-class taking of cocaine was somehow okay so that in that sense they were going to be tough.

The Prime Minister is expected to announce millions of pounds in additional funding for the police to tackle the gangs which use children to traffic drugs in provincial towns and cities.

The funding package will build on the success of Project Adder, a police pilot scheme that has already had a real impact in disrupting the county lines operations by allowing forces to dedicate more resources to clandestine operations.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has described the aim of the scheme as cutting the head off the snake of criminal gangs.

The Government announced in July it would establish a new unit to help stop illegal drug-related illness and mortality, as the second part of Dame Carol Black’s Independent Review of Drugs was released.

The first phase of the review, published in February last year, estimated there were 300,000 opiate or crack users in England, and about one million people using cocaine per year.

If the Government are bringing in this policy, then regular drug testing for MPs needs to be brought in as well because it’s not do as I say and not as I do.

And why is this just for the middle classes? Is it so that they can keep their wealthy families and friends safe from the judgement they lay on others?

This might appear a great idea initially, but you actually do have to consider the implications. What will be the next thing the Government curtails when it comes to our freedoms. This is dictatorial control.

Of course, MPs and such don’t consider themselves middle class so they will eliminate themselves as they did from the restrictions during draconian lockdowns, and if they didn’t exclude themselves, MPs, judges, bankers, footballers and celebrities would all be stuffed.

They all escape these sanctions, including being stopped by the police, they’re untouchable, so if they want to sniff a bit of cocaine up their nose, nobody’s going to say a dicky bird.

And I guess there’s no point targeting gutter druggies because they won’t have a car, although they might be driving a stolen one with no insurance, tax or MOT, and they probably wouldn’t have a passport, and I’m sure some of those Bullingdon boys at Eton dabbled in a bit of everything when they were younger.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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