Partygate: A Squirming Boris Stonewalls

Boris Johnson stonewalled for ten minutes on Partygate in an embarrassing interview, refusing to say whether he would resign if the police were to fine him.

The Prime Minister squirmed as he was repeatedly quizzed by the BBC’s Sophie Raworth on the controversy, insisting he couldn’t comment about a process that’s underway.

Despite there being no obvious legal barrier to speaking on the subject, Boris Johnson said that there was simply not a bean he could say about that.

Boris Johnson handed a legal questionnaire to police on Friday regarding claims that lockdown busting parties were held at Downing Street.

He’s thought to be asserting that he thought all the functions he attended were necessary for work, but No 10 has insisted the document won’t be made public.

The government has also urged police not to publish hundreds of pictures handed to an official civil service probe into the scandal, allegedly including one of the Prime Minister drinking beer.

However, Boris Johnson has committed to disclosing if he gets a fixed penalty notice (FPN).

In an interview with BBC One’s Sunday Morning Programme at the Munich security conference, Boris Johnson was asked if he could understand many people’s doubts about his explanation of gatherings held at No 10, but Boris repeatedly said there was nothing he could offer on the matter until the police inquiry was completed.

Boris Johnson said that nothing would give him greater pleasure than to give full and detailed answers on all the things that were going on, but that he genuinely couldn’t because they’ve got a process underway, and there was not a jot he could say until it was done.

Told the public found some of his excuses for attending Downing Street gatherings implausible, especially the ‘bring your own booze’ event in May 2020, the Prime Minister responded that they were just going to have to wait until the process was done, and there was literally not a bean he could tell them about that, as much as he would like to.

Pressed further, he added that he understood the curiosity and that he totally accepted it, but that they were just going to have to accept that for the time being and that they wouldn’t have long, he hoped, but for the time being, they would have to contain their curiosity, and that he would be saying a lot more about it in due course.

We should enjoy all this while we can because Boris Johnson probably plans to regulate and asphyxiate the media from printing stories that he doesn’t like. After all folks, we now live in an Orwellian society, and while there are still rules, Boris Johnson doesn’t believe that those rules apply to him, as well as his cronies or his courtiers, and this is just the start of things to come.

And those who hid behind their sofas for two years listening to SAGE Behavioural psychologists on the BBC with their masks and Lateral Flow Tests. They must be extremely discontented about throwing their life up the wall, while the elitists got on with their lives.

Numerous people died, while these rich bitches continued to break the law, especially Boris Johnson who broke his own laws, and Boris should go now before he creates any more damage.

Boris Johnson only has one interest and that’s himself!

And he definitely wasn’t interested in Brexit, or how it would impact the country – he was only interested in becoming Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson wasn’t squirming, he was smirking, which ultimately undid his plan to appear ‘Churchillian’ in the face of imminent war.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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