Inexcusable Pricing

What is the world coming to? When I was in hospital not so long ago, I declined to view the television because I refused to pay the money to watch it, so I took my Ipad with me as an alternative. I pay less to use my Ipad than I would to watch the television,Continue reading “Inexcusable Pricing”

Can James Caan think of nothing better than

Can James Caan think of nothing better than to campaign for better recruitment practices and does Mr. Caan have nothing better to do with his time? Does he not think there are enough people out of work without making it even harder for them, or does he want all of England to be out-of-work? SoContinue reading “Can James Caan think of nothing better than”

NHS 111… How can we ignore you?

I have only ever used the NHS 111 helpline once; I cannot say I found it good or poor, but I can certainly say it wasn’t superb. NHS 111 helpline is a party of people that sit behind a desk responding to telephone calls and, reading off a list of things that they have been toldContinue reading “NHS 111… How can we ignore you?”

Of The Female Gender

Women might only end up working part-time, but that does not mean they do not qualify for an education, or the right to work in the job of their preference. There are also a large amount of female doctors that work full-time and, have families and, also doctors that work in hospitals, mainly those inContinue reading “Of The Female Gender”

Crowning Glory

Why on earth has Victoria Beckham been awarded Woman Of The Decade? What did she do, spew out a couple of songs with the Spice Girls, which everyone ranted over for all of the five minutes, then she married David Beckham and, popped out mini Beckhams, who will grow up and, then become famous and,Continue reading “Crowning Glory”


What happened to the good old fashioned NHS system where we had a Matron on each ward, making sure that every ward in the hospital ran without a hitch and, it did run smoothly; it was run like clockwork precision. It appears to me that there are far too many CEO’s running the NHS these days, “Too manyContinue reading “OH MATRON!”

A lengthy catalogue of sacrifices and victims

There really is no similarity; he may have been in and out of work, I can also remember being out of work for nine months, but I also had the assistance of my family and friends, but some don’t have that indulgence. I can’t ever recall going hungry, or having to go to a food bank, orContinue reading “A lengthy catalogue of sacrifices and victims”

Universal Credit

If it’s not broken, then don’t fix it, so why do the government always feel the need to fix things and, change what is not broken.  It is almost like they have this hole in their pockets and, they have this continual need to spend what they don’t really have and, then take it backContinue reading “Universal Credit”