The Tories Are Abandoning The Working Classes

Dominic Cummings departure marks the end of a radically victorious experiment to turn the Tories into the party of the provincial English working classes. A year ago, the party campaigned laboriously on a platform to improve the lives of ordinary people – now, hours after Dominic Cummings exit was established, the party briefed a returnContinue reading “The Tories Are Abandoning The Working Classes”

Raab Warns Second National Shutdown Is On The Cards

Angry Tory MPs have turned on authoritarian Boris Johnson as he ordered the British people to obey his draconian new coronavirus restrictions or face an economically devastating second national lockdown. The panicking Prime Minister warned Britons last night they face a long difficult winter of police implemented curbs on their freedoms, saying the alternative wasContinue reading “Raab Warns Second National Shutdown Is On The Cards”

Tory MP Proposes New Law To Prohibit Photoshopped Images

Celebrities could be banned from posting airbrushed pictures without stating they have been changed under a proposed new law. Tory MP Doctor Luke Evans wants advertisers, social media companies and broadcasters to label pictures which have been doctored to make people look slimmer or more muscly because the Hinckley and Bosworth MP, who is alsoContinue reading “Tory MP Proposes New Law To Prohibit Photoshopped Images”

Tories Still Ahead Of Labour In The Poll

Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party are still leading in the polls against the Labour Party despite leader Sir Keir Starmer’s popularity and despite the intense debate over the awarding of GCSE and A level grades, the Tories were the choice of 34.57 per cent of respondents of an exclusive OnePoll survey for the SundayContinue reading “Tories Still Ahead Of Labour In The Poll”

Firms Linked To Tories Have Won £500 Million Coronavirus Contracts

Firms linked to Tories have won £500 million coronavirus contracts without having to bid. Labour said at least thirteen companies got the contract with no competitive tendering as companies with links to the Conservatives doing well out of publicly financed projects. Firms linked to the Tory Party have won almost £500 million in pandemic contractsContinue reading “Firms Linked To Tories Have Won £500 Million Coronavirus Contracts”

Should UKIP be excluded from TV election debates – David Cameron seems to think so!

Is David Cameron shitting his pants… The Prime Minister is giving backing to general election discussions, but expresses they should be restricted to applicants likely to be the winners. As he voiced his support for general election television discussions, he as well pointed out that Nigel Farage should be left out of those debates. TheContinue reading “Should UKIP be excluded from TV election debates – David Cameron seems to think so!”

Back to the workhouse

The most recent squeeze is the governments aim at dealing with a deficit sourced by the wealthy and, is to carry on penalising the poor for being poor.  Presently they’re forming a plan to make the jobless carry out four week periods of mandatory unpaid work, or have their benefits stopped for up to threeContinue reading “Back to the workhouse”

State Of The Art Ripple Of Socialism

We must stop working with the exempt stock market solidarity set up by Margaret Thatcher because Britain is at the moment afflicted with the largest decrease in living standards since Queen Victoria was seated on the throne. If political pressure isn’t the central issue of the day, in that case the whole political structure mayContinue reading “State Of The Art Ripple Of Socialism”


Zero-hour contracts are taking away employment protection for millions of our taxpayers.  Such contracts provide none of the recognised working stipulations that all workers should have, such as paid holidays, sickness benefits and so forth.   As a result, a large number of UK companies are taking the upper hand because of economic constraint andContinue reading “MAKE ZERO-HOUR CONTRACTS ILLEGAL!”