Cancer Payments: Terminally Ill Man On Months Of Delays

A terminally sick man has been made to feel humiliated after being handed a food bank voucher surrounded by delays to his benefit payments. After the man was identified with having terminal cancer, he filled in the relevant forms, yet for three months was given no money at all. His story was highlighted by theContinue reading “Cancer Payments: Terminally Ill Man On Months Of Delays”

Review Disabled Children’s Support

Ministers are being encouraged to reconsider care provided for children with disabilities following an investigation into the adequacy of support for families. The conclusions were heart rending and disturbing and, indicated that some families were unable to bear the expense of basic essentials to live a dignified life. A study, carried out by the UniversityContinue reading “Review Disabled Children’s Support”

Welfare Reform

Confusion at the DWP concerning top-of-the-line welfare improvements, with the absence of leadership and demanding conditions. Staff Members at the DWP said that the working framework was soul destroying, with a lack of leadership and too much dishonesty and that a large number of people working on the programme had negative experiences. One of theirContinue reading “Welfare Reform”

Sixty-Six million in appeal costs

Atos have without doubt gotten it all out of focus and, the taxpayer ends up picking up a very large bill, the total of £66 million pounds.     Atos reportedly trick sick people out of their benefits in an unfair way.  Their logic is that, if you have a finger and, you can pushContinue reading “Sixty-Six million in appeal costs”

Remploy Factories!

Remploy is a company that’s owned by the DWP in the United Kingdom, which did supply work and employment placement services for disabled people. It was set up in 1945 under the conditions of the Disabled Persons (Employment) Act 1945 and, over the years formed a web of 83 workshops across the UK. In 2007,Continue reading “Remploy Factories!”

Universal Jobmatch

Universal Jobmatch took the place of the Jobcentre Plus job search tool. The service had been introduced as part of a Government campaign to help the DWP to observe the client’s jobsearch efforts. It has quickly increased momentum since 2012 with some 460,000 businesses posting jobs and, the site receiving over 6 million searches per day, butContinue reading “Universal Jobmatch”

Labelled Disabled!

I believe that the Shadow work and pensions secretary Liam Byrne is correct in what he stated, that there should be just one single evaluation for all health and social needs. Nonetheless, not every individual disabled person remains disabled long term and, some do recover from their condition, but then a great deal of them don’t. Continue reading “Labelled Disabled!”