Doctors Accuse Boris Johnson Of Only Recognising NHS Crisis Because Of Election

Doctors have attacked Boris Johnson of only recognising an unprecedented NHS crisis coming this winter because of concerns it will hinder the Tories’ prospects in the General Election and the British Medical Association reprimanded ministers over the plight of the health service as the Observer published rising concerns in the Government ahead of the DecemberContinue reading “Doctors Accuse Boris Johnson Of Only Recognising NHS Crisis Because Of Election”

Parliament to forcibly evict Westminster Rough Sleepers

Homeless people are to be forcibly ousted from the Westminster underpass, which leads to Parliament, by installing rolldown shutters blocking the shelter off. In December 2018, rough sleeper Gyula Remes was found dead in the underpass. The underpass is part of the Parliamentary estate. One of the rough sleepers, Tim, a 58-year-old who became homelessContinue reading “Parliament to forcibly evict Westminster Rough Sleepers”

HAVENS FOR THE HOMELESS: They May Be Homeless, But They’re People Too

These people are homeless, but you don’t need to be scared of them. They’re not evil, not all of them are addicted to anything, some of them have never committed a crime. They’re not sociopaths or maniacal raging lunatics, but they’re homeless and attempting to make ends meet, and many that are homeless have notContinue reading “HAVENS FOR THE HOMELESS: They May Be Homeless, But They’re People Too”

This Could Save Lives

Sleeping pods for displaced people in Newport have been praised as an emergency lifeline for rough sleepers and welcomed by residents across the capital. Charity Amazing Grace Spaces first unveiled the pods in October 2018, having recorded a rise in the number of rough sleepers in many cities. The charity arranged for two pods toContinue reading “This Could Save Lives”

Agony Of Homeless Mum-To-Be

Warming her hands on a cup of coffee, Mandy looks up sadly and says that she lost her baby because while she and her partner Sean were wandering the streets in search of respite from the bitter cold and striving to withstand biting temperatures since becoming homeless just before Christmas, their unborn child, tragically, didContinue reading “Agony Of Homeless Mum-To-Be”

Is This Some Kind Of Joke?

I frequently question why so many transients are striving to come across the channel, one of the biggest shipping lanes in the whole of the world. Well, it’s because of the government’s Asylum Support and what you’ll get if you come across the channel as an Asylum Seeker. Because your government, the British government advertisesContinue reading “Is This Some Kind Of Joke?”

Sleeping Rough For Christmas

Loads of former British Soldiers are sleeping rough, there’s no relief for them and nowhere for them to go, and nothing that they can do about it. Steven Rowe is an ex British soldier and he’ll be sleeping rough this Christmas. It appears these men can take a bullet for the Queen, they can dieContinue reading “Sleeping Rough For Christmas”

Becoming Homeless Under Universal Credit

A pensioner who cares for her brain-damaged teenage granddaughter worries they could lose their home because of benefit cuts as she goes over to Universal Credit. Jean Godfrey has brought up Emily Lydon, who has the human kind of mad cow disease since she was a baby. The 19-year-old’s condition started in the womb whenContinue reading “Becoming Homeless Under Universal Credit”