Women on Universal Credit Left Selling Sex For £5


Women on Universal Credit have been left so desperate that they selling sex for just £5 and MPs have been warned that women are turning to prostitution to survive due to the five-week wait for their benefits to be paid.

But a Government enquiry by the Work and Pensions Committee has discovered a fundamental design flaw in the policy and the committee is now asking the Government to withdraw the five-week wait at the start of their claim.

One woman affected by Universal Credit stated that she was thinking of going back on the streets because the last six months of her life had gone down the drain.


She had gone out of prostitution and got guidance on how to apply for benefits and was just about managing but then she was transferred over to Universal Credit.

She got less money but was still managing, but then she got a letter in the mail saying that she was no longer entitled to Universal Credit because she was an EU Citizen and that she had to apply for settled status.

She added that it was difficult to live with no money and she felt she had no alternative but to sell herself and if women are selling themselves for a fiver it’s not because they’re working for an escort company but then this is all down to Ester McVey who was pretty satisfied with herself to save a few quid by coming with these ideals to punish people.

But then when you see articles like this concerning benefits and this Government’s war on them, you can wager the variety of posts you’ll get which are frequently harsh, indifferent and sometimes plain cruel, so welcome to Britain! But then I guess it makes people feel better about themselves and their own ordinary monotonous lives if they’ve got someone to look down on.


And I hope Iain Duncan Smith is enjoying his state handout known as a landowners subsidy, along with the Duke of Westminster and all the other wealthy men and women who are entitled to it – curious how they never get labelled as scroungers.

But then there are people out there that are stating that if you can’t afford children, then just don’t have them because why should the taxpayer pay for other people’s children? But then we’ll cheerfully pay whenever another Royal pops out another baby and not only that, we’ll glorify it as well.

But what some people don’t understand, benefit is not only for the unemployed, there are millions of workers who claim Working Tax Credit which is designed to top up your earnings if you work and are on a low salary.

Nevertheless, it’s being superseded by Universal Credit and most people now have to claim Universal Credit instead and it’s a really great way of pulling the wool over other people’s eyes to make them believe that that said person is on Universal Credit because they’re on benefits when in fact that said person is working but on a low salary.



Published by Angela Lloyd

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