Women on Universal Credit Left Selling Sex For £5

Women on Universal Credit have been left so desperate that they selling sex for just £5 and MPs have been warned that women are turning to prostitution to survive due to the five-week wait for their benefits to be paid. But a Government enquiry by the Work and Pensions Committee has discovered a fundamental designContinue reading “Women on Universal Credit Left Selling Sex For £5”

True Horror Of Universal Credit

A spirited group of unique mums reported the real chaos of Universal Credit in a damning testimony to Parliament. The ladies explained how the Tories six in one benefit, intended to be a better system that makes work pay left them with £1,000 childcare charges, overdue payment fines and even being booted out of theContinue reading “True Horror Of Universal Credit”

Childcare Payments Are Stopping Parents From Working

A new report from the mighty Work and Pensions Committee shows the governments Universal Credit policy is preventing people from returning to work, and the way that childcare payments are paid in Universal Credit directly clashes with the Government’s principal aim for the policy, getting more people into work. One of the government’s principal sellingContinue reading “Childcare Payments Are Stopping Parents From Working”