Carrie Symonds Gives Birth To A Baby Boy


Boris Johnson’s fiancée Carrie Symonds has today given birth to a healthy baby boy with compliments flooding in from across the political divide, which happened earlier than was widely expected in Westminster.

The baby arrived only days after Boris Johnson returned to work following an intensive care battle with coronavirus and it’s understood that the 55-year-old Prime Minister was by Carrie Symond’s side during the delivery at a London hospital and both mother and baby are doing extremely well.

It comes weeks after the Prime Minister emerged from intensive care with coronavirus and Boris Johnson will miss PMQs in the Commons today with his deputy Dominic Raab taking his position.

The baby appeared two months to the day after the couple announced she was pregnant and they were engaged and at the time, the couple said the baby, her first and at least his sixth, was expected in early summer, that implies the arrival may have been a few weeks early.

But Carrie Symond’s due date was never openly published, and today’s announcement comes nearly nine months to the day after the couple moved into No 11.

It’s not yet been established whether Boris Johnson will take paternity leave but when questioned in March if he would, he stated that he most certainly would.

But the country has since been overwhelmed by the coronavirus crisis and Boris Johnson has only recently regained the wheel after almost a month off, where he’d recovered from COVID 19.

And it comes three weeks after Boris Johnson was sick in intensive care with coronavirus. Carrie Symonds also experienced symptoms and sent him letters before they were reunited at his country escape Chequers just over two weeks ago.

It’s understood the baby was not born at St Thomas’s Hospital, where the Prime Minister battled coronavirus but which hospital the delivery happened has not been published, nor whether it was an NHS or private hospital.

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recommends that partners can be present throughout the birth if they don’t have symptoms, but some hospitals have constraints on how long they can stay.

Hospitals also have limitations on birthing partners visiting antenatal or postnatal wards.

The birth also comes weeks after the Prime Minister concluded his divorce from wife of 25 years Marina Wheeler, first announced in September 2018.

The court gave Marina Wheeler, the mother of four of Boris Johnson’s children consent to formally terminate the marriage in February after the pair settled a disagreement over their finances.

The couple, who married in 1993, have four children together. Laura, Milo Arthur, Cassia Peaches, and Theodore Apollo but Boris Johnson has also had many affairs, including the one with Petronella Wyatt which led to a pregnancy that was terminated.

A 2013 court judgment further said the people were entitled to know about allegations that one affair, with art consultant Helen Macintyre, produced a daughter who was Boris Johnson’s.

While they were not romantically associated until early 2019, Carrie Symond’s and Boris Johnson have known each other for some years and as ex-Conservative Party Director of Communications, Carrie Symonds served on the Prime Minister’s triumphant crusade to be re-elected as London mayor in 2012.

She stayed working in politics after, first as a special advisor to then-Culture Secretary John Whittingdale, and then to Sajid Javid. Carrie Symonds ultimately became the Head of Communications for the Conservative Party HQ but left the position in 2018 to work for ocean conservation charity Oceana.

Boris Johnson turned headlines when he attended Carrie Symonds 30th birthday party before they were romantically entangled but the couple scored the headlines again last June when police were called to a domestic disturbance at Carrie Symond’s south London flat where neighbours could hear crashing and yelling from inside the property.

Boris Johnson will be the first Prime Minister in nearly 200 years to get married in office, but certainly not the first to have a baby.

The last Prime Minister to have a baby while in office was David Cameron whose wife Samantha gave birth to their daughter Florence in the summer of 2010, several months after he entered Downing Street.

Tony Blair and his wife Cherie welcomed Leo into the world in May 2000, three years after he became Prime Minister.

Cherie Blair infamously announced that the child was superfetated while they were visiting with the Queen and Prince Philip at Balmoral.

Political associates and rivals hurried to felicitate the Prime Minister. Keir Starmer sent his well-wishings, the congratulations of the Labour Party and everyone in his House to the Prime Minister and Carrie Symonds.

And he stated that whatever disagreements they have in the House, as human beings, it was thought that they should understand the fear the Prime Minister and Carrie Symonds must have gone through in the past few weeks and the unbelievable stress and he hoped that the new baby could bring them unimaginable happiness and pleasure.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock tweeted: “So thrilled for Boris and Carrie. Wonderful to have a moment of unalloyed joy!” Chancellor Rishi Sunak added: “Great to hear Downing Street is getting a new resident.”

Sir Ed Davey, the acting leader of the Liberal Democrats, tweeted: “Many congratulations to the PM & Carrie Symonds on the birth of their son!”

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tweeted: “Some good news – sending congratulations to Carrie and the PM. And wishing health and happiness to the wee one.”

The Prime Minister’s father, Stanley Johnson, told the PA news agency that he was delighted and excited by the birth of his grandson.

Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle said: “Such happy news amid so much uncertainty – 2020 is certainly a year they will never forget.”

The arrival derailed Boris Johnson’s first prospective Commons clash with Labour leader Keir Starmer, so the Prime Minister has opted to send First Secretary Domonic Raab to field Prime Minister’s Questions instead.

However Downing Street left it less than three hours before PMQs to confirmed with the Labour leader’s office that the Prime Minister would not be attending and it was considered No 10 was leaving it late to evaluate Boris Johnson’s well-being ahead of the exhausting 30-minute assembly in the chamber.

Nevertheless, it later became clear the mystery was because of the approaching baby.

Dominic Raab will encounter difficult questions over whether the Government will meet its promise to carry out 100,000 COVID 19 tests a day by Thursday and the tally won’t be known before the weekend but ministers face a tremendous struggle to hit the benchmark, announced by Health Secretary Matt Hancock earlier this month.

Congratulations to Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds, it’s a wonderful thing giving birth to this new bundle of delight, but how many other women are out there giving birth? – the majority of them won’t be born with a silver spoon in their mouth, but let’s touch our tresses, bow and celebrate, there’s another Boris in the world, way to go!

And we have more pressing matters at hand, other than Boris Johnson having another baby with his unwed live-in lover and another reason for him to disappear from scrutiny.

That was one auspicious birth daddy who now doesn’t have to face Prime Minister Question time again. Now he’ll get two weeks off for paternity leave, just in time to be back to give out the news the country has been waiting for, the first stages of lifting lockdown – then he’ll look the hero again.

It only takes one appendage to produce a child, it takes expertise to manage a country.

And this must have been the fastest pregnancy ever, talk about having children haphazardly and how does Boris Johnson expect people to believe that he’s solid in his way of managing the country when he has children all over the place, and if he can’t stay with his wife and partners he unquestionably won’t stay with this country and this will be another overprivileged child who’ll be taught it’s his destiny to rule over us.

Although it’s not the baby’s fault, he didn’t choose his parents but hats off to the Prime Minister and of course, Carrie Symonds. Now there’s a bouncing baby boy to append to the acquisition of children and no doubt he will soon be back in the saddle to add to the merry ensemble.

I guess every parent has the right to bond with their child and work should always come second regardless of whether he’s Prime Minister or not but he is the Prime Minister and his role as Prime Minister must always come first particularly when the country is in crisis.

And no matter how rubbish he is, he should be at the rudder but now it appears as if we will have to deal with the virus with a Prime Minister in name only and please Boris, do us a favour, don’t send your son to Eton, pupil’s there have a history of leaving without any common sense.

To be fair, perhaps we should let Boris Johnson go because he’s been as much use to us as a chocolate fireguard anyhow and I often wonder if he took time off to bond with his other children. Let’s face it, he just loves taking time off and he doesn’t seem to need much of an excuse.

Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister of this country, although God knows how and whilst NHS workers are endangering their lives every day, the very least he could do is do his job.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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