Keir Starmer Blasts Ludicrous Situation

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has said that it’s ludicrous that betting shops are free to reopen while parents don’t even know when their children can return to school. Sir Keir Starmer said the problems confronting Downing Street on ensuring pupils were safe to return to classrooms were wholly foreseeable and reprimanded the Prime MinisterContinue reading “Keir Starmer Blasts Ludicrous Situation”

Boris Johnson Claims He’s Helped Hungry Children While Ending Their Free Meal Vouchers

Boris Johnson has defended a decision not to continue the free school meals voucher programme to disadvantaged children over the summer holidays. Labour leader Keir Starmer urged Boris Johnson to reverse the decision at Prime Minister’s Question but Boris Johnson declined and he stated that the £63 million local welfare fund will go to councilsContinue reading “Boris Johnson Claims He’s Helped Hungry Children While Ending Their Free Meal Vouchers”

Was That An Earpiece I Just See In His Ear?

Downing Street has dismissed any allegations that Boris Johnson got help at the Despatch Box via an earpiece but Labour MPs suggested he was getting help in his confrontation of the Leader of the Opposition after a hazy image of his head circulated online, and social media wags suggested the image showed a communications deviceContinue reading “Was That An Earpiece I Just See In His Ear?”

Photographer Hits Back

The photographer who shot Keir Starmer as he clapped for carers has hit back over allegations he was only doing it for the cameras. The Labour leader met with social media assault over a clip of him, which showed him asking a cameraman if he got what he needed, after clapping beside his wife VictoriaContinue reading “Photographer Hits Back”

Carrie Symonds Gives Birth To A Baby Boy

Boris Johnson’s fiancée Carrie Symonds has today given birth to a healthy baby boy with compliments flooding in from across the political divide, which happened earlier than was widely expected in Westminster. The baby arrived only days after Boris Johnson returned to work following an intensive care battle with coronavirus and it’s understood that theContinue reading “Carrie Symonds Gives Birth To A Baby Boy”

UK Lockdown: Government Promises More Detail

The government has promised more detail in the coming days around its strategy for when and how to facilitate the UK’s coronavirus lockdown. Ministers are supposed to set out more information by the end of the week after Boris Johnson faced requests to name a strategy and in his first statement since returning to work,Continue reading “UK Lockdown: Government Promises More Detail”

Officials Draw Up Three-Stage Traffic Light System To Lift UK Lockdown

Government officials have reportedly drawn up a three-stage traffic light system to end the UK’s national coronavirus lockdown and the system could see some non-essential businesses re-open in early to mid-May. The first phase ‘green’ would reportedly include small, non-essential shops, hairdressers and nurseries, although travel would still be discouraged. The ‘amber’ phase would seeContinue reading “Officials Draw Up Three-Stage Traffic Light System To Lift UK Lockdown”

Now Is Not The Time To Discuss Pay Rise For Nurses

Matt Hancock stated that it’s not the time to discuss a pay rise for nurses, although he said he was sympathetic to the argument and the Health Secretary did pay tribute to the work being done by those in the health service but wouldn’t be moved on whether they warranted more money. The starting salaryContinue reading “Now Is Not The Time To Discuss Pay Rise For Nurses”

Rebecca Long-Bailey Has Said She Won’t Compromise

Rebecca Long-Bailey has recommitted herself to Labour’s promise to discard Universal Credit, stating she will not compromise on axing the six in one benefit. The left-wing leadership hopeful repeated Jeremy Corbyn’s strategy of ditching the Tory reform following years of objections and delays and replacing it with a new policy. All three leading competitors forContinue reading “Rebecca Long-Bailey Has Said She Won’t Compromise”