Boris Johnson Warns We’re Seeing Signs Of A Coronavirus Second Wave In Europe

Boris Johnson warned that we’re seeing indications of a second wave of the coronavirus in continental Europe, and the Prime Minister has issued a stark warning after a spike in cases urged him to force a 14-day quarantine on thousands of Brits returning home from Spain.

And then he warned that he will crack down on Brit holidaymakers in other countries if needed, stating that they would continue throughout the summer, to take such action where it’s needed.

It comes after the Prime Minister met with anger for enacting quarantine with only a few hours warning, and No 10 has declined to let those who came back from Spain get Statutory Sick Pay, saying that all travel bears a risk.

But Spain’s Prime Minister blasted Britain’s mistake of warning against non-essential travel to the entire country, despite the Balearic islands having the low rates of COVID 19.

Pedro Sanchez snapped that in most of Spain, the percentage is pretty much inferior to even the numbers recorded in the United Kingdom, but supporting Britain’s actions, Boris Johnson said that what they have to do is take fast and decisive action where they believe that the risks are beginning to well up again.

And Boris Johnson said that we had to be completely clear about what was occurring in Europe, amongst some of our European friends, and that he was worried that in some places there had been indications of a second wave of the pandemic.

And of course, we all remember what happened last time, so it’s absolutely necessary that our government make the required preparations here in the United Kingdom.

France, Germany and other nations are now in danger of being added to the quarantine list, and the Prime Minister stopped short of declaring British families shouldn’t go abroad at all, but he also said that obviously, these are decisions for families, for individuals, about where they want to go.

The Prime Minister made these comments on a visit to the Canal Side Heritage Centre in Nottingham, where he launched a new cycling project that will give people £50 vouchers for bike improvements.

Spain reported 8,207 new cases in the week leading up to July 19, up from 5,292 the week before, and since Sunday, anyone returning home from Spain must quarantine for 14 days in their home without leaving at all, or face a £1,000 penalty, but only one of these fines has been dished out by police authorities.

However, Boris Johnson didn’t rule out reports that the 14 day quarantine period could be decreased to 10 days in the future if people got a negative COVID 19 test, but he said, for now, the precepts are unchanged.

The Prime Minister said that they’re always looking at a way in which they can decrease the impact of the quarantine, and strive to support people and to make sure the science is working to help tourists and holidaymakers.

But at the moment we have to adhere to the guidance that the government are giving us and that they have now given us guidance about Spain and about some other places around the globe.

And Boris Johnson said that he was worried that if they do see indications of a second wave in other countries, it’s actually their job, their responsibility, to respond quickly and decisively to prevent travellers coming back from those areas, and from seeding the virus here in the United Kingdom.

And with increasing signs of a second wave of this destructive pandemic in Europe, there’s no time to lose in learning the lessons from the first outbreak because the government’s smug approach earlier this year lost lives, and they can’t allow for the same blunders to be made again.

Necessary action is required now to improve the Test and Trace system and to put in position a clear plan for dealing with a second spike, and now Boris Johnson has accepted that the United Kingdom has to be observant concerning the fulmination of a second surge of COVID 19.

The Prime Minister added that where they can do social easing, then, of course, they would, but they would have to wait and see what the reviews said, but he further said that they would do everything they can in these difficult times for business, for families, for people whose mental health has been affected by the lockdown, and to give them the support that they need.

He added that the most important thing was for everyone in all communities to heed the warning, to follow the guidance, not to be spreading it randomly, so that we can get it right down, that way they’ll be able to reduce the constraints across the country.

On the other hand, I think that the Tories would be really disappointed if COVID 19 disappeared from the UK completely because they flourish on suffering, and it seems like nincompoop Boris Johnson doesn’t have a clue about what he’s doing because if he did know what he was doing, we wouldn’t have the highest mortality rate in Europe and a third highest in the world.

And it seems like there’s worse to come because the government’s own experts are now saying that another 120,000 people could perish this winter, or is Boris Johnson now attempting to distract attention away from his failures by bringing attention to Europe?

Myself, I wouldn’t go near a plane at the moment, but there are others out there who are screaming they need a holiday and the airlines are begging for their existence.

And Boris Johnson is just like the back end of a panto horse, and he wastes most of his time trying to match up with the front end, which could either be a COVID one or a Brexit one.

Boris Johnson must be smoking gas because he’s the nitwit who wants everything back to normal by November.

He’s steadily driven people back to work, school and the money-making machine into action despite the pandemic being over, and he’s bandied about so much distorted information, that people are roaming about in a stupor.

If people want to go on holiday abroad, it should be on the understanding that they go either into quarantine when they arrive at their destination, although the foreign nations probably wouldn’t let them, or when landing back in the United Kingdom, they’re taken into quarantine and their passports taken away until they are checked out as clear from the virus.

Although, it’s incredible the response of some people who are complaining and whining about not being allowed on holiday abroad. Don’t these people realise there’s still a pandemic doing the rounds?

And the only reason your travel insurance is only £30 is because of the EH1C card which ensures you only pay the same as the locals if you end up in hospital on your holiday but by December 31 when that is no longer the situation, your travel insurance will probably cost just as much as your holiday – ironic that, it wasn’t mentioned in the Tory manifesto.

No one truly listens to Boris Johnson anymore, except for his captivated MPs, although there are still some sheep out there that would willingly follow him into a burning building.

So, Boris, we’re going to be seeing a second round of coronavirus in Europe. Perhaps Boris should get on his bike and enjoy a McDonald’s feast with his £50 voucher because it was airheads like Boris who told people that the virus had subsided a bit and that we could all go out to beaches and pubs and be safe – well, only a comedian would propose something like that!

However, everybody has their own idea of how to proceed.

Some would like there to be no quarantine for arrivals from Spain and others would sooner have quarantine for arrivals from all countries.

Some might think it fair to let people choose to go on holiday and some might think it should be forbidden, and it’s impossible to gratify everyone, and to be honest, whatever our government does, they will be criticised anyhow.

But the whole COVID 19 mismanagement is very like Brexit, and it’s about divide and conquer, and a strategy to seed chaos and division while getting us to blame each other, and it seems that all adversary party bosses have put politics to one side on anything to do with COVID related matters, and are letting the Conservatives get on with it.

And the Prime Minister needs to start ignoring his inherent liberal mindset and toughen up a little.

The quick response on Spain was a move in the right direction, but the quarantine policy will be disregarded and abused if it isn’t followed up, and tough love is what this country needs at the moment.

And the least our government could do is put a blanket ban on flights so people can get a refund because the way this has been done looks after the tour operators and leaves holidaymakers out of pocket, and the government might be wanting to slam the brakes on this, but it needs to be done in the right way.

Numerous people before COVID 19, booked flights so they could have a little break, but unavoidably the flights were cancelled by the airline because numerous countries were not accepting flights from the UK.

But when people attempted to get a refund. the airline said they would only refund the outbound flight as they had cancelled it, and they refused to refund the return flight as that was still operating even though the people weren’t going to be there to make use of it.

And what about those people that have died because they couldn’t get treatment? The Tories didn’t save the NHS money or save lives, they just made it grind to a standstill, and the dying is far from over.

The worst-case scenario is 120,000 deaths in relation to what could happen this winter. And the scientist who said 500,000 was a worst-case scenario at the start was immediately disbelieved and dismissed from his position as a government advisor.

The capacity of the NHS was exceeded when the Nightingale Hospitals were built, yet all treatment for Cancer and other life-threatening illnesses and all non-essential operations were cancelled, costing us an additional 23,000 deaths, not including the COVID figures, and this is a figure that’s expected to soar even higher than COVID deaths.

This dangerous virus has not been beaten and the infection rate in the United Kingdom is soaring, and there’s no vaccine or medication that’s proven to work as of yet, and Boris Johnson does seem a tad intellectually challenged and living in his own little dream world and appears to get some kind of personal satisfaction in getting criticism for the remarks he makes.

Well, Boris, everyone aside from you saw this happening, and the United Kingdom isn’t over the first wave due to his untimely inaction and relaxing lockdown too quick for the sake of the economy, and it was predicted from the inception that when countries began reopening borders and tourism, this would happen.

And for purely economic reasons Boris Johnson assured people it was safe to go on holiday, and it looks like the United Kingdom will never get passed the first wave, as the reduction in the R rate here has levelled off and in various parts of England, it’s rising.

But it’s nothing to do with them, with their pass the buck statement by Boris Johnson. But we all know that Boris Johnson makes such obvious statements like they’re some kind of astounding revelation.

We all knew that Spain would flare up again once Brits were permitted to holiday there and Boris Johnson also knew that people wouldn’t self isolate on their return, and then we’ll have lockdown 2 because the first one was so great!

And there probably won’t be a furlough scheme to fall back on this time, so a lot of people won’t find it as pleasant.

And people were arriving in Spain, believing it was safe because our government advised that it was safe, only to realise they would have to quarantine on returning back to the United Kingdom, which was bad leadership from this aimless government, and we still have this calamitous no-deal crash out of Brexit to contend with, so more suffering ahead.

Brexit will deliver a double shock to the UK economy, and even sectors unscathed from the coronavirus crisis will be seriously harmed, and I don’t believe Brits will want to scrub toilets, pick litter up on the streets after most of us have a drunken weekend, pick crops on farms and various other jobs us Brits think is beneath them.

And without foreign workers, the United Kingdom would be in a worse mess than it is now because British people won’t do a lot of jobs currently done by overseas workers.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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