Pet Cat Contaminated With Coronavirus

A pet cat has been contaminated with coronavirus in the first known case of its kind in the United Kingdom. The COVID 19 virus was discovered in the animal following tests by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) in Weybridge, Surrey. The cat and its owners, are being kept nameless, and have made aContinue reading “Pet Cat Contaminated With Coronavirus”

Boris Johnson Warns We’re Seeing Signs Of A Coronavirus Second Wave In Europe

Boris Johnson warned that we’re seeing indications of a second wave of the coronavirus in continental Europe, and the Prime Minister has issued a stark warning after a spike in cases urged him to force a 14-day quarantine on thousands of Brits returning home from Spain. And then he warned that he will crack downContinue reading “Boris Johnson Warns We’re Seeing Signs Of A Coronavirus Second Wave In Europe”

Government Unveils 12-week Program To Help Britons Slim Down

The government has unveiled a 12-week program to encourage all Britons to become fitter and slimmer, in a move that will see GPs prescribe cycling to help curb obesity, and as part of the Better Health campaign, NHS weight loss services are to be expanded to give people more targeted nutritional direction and make specialistContinue reading “Government Unveils 12-week Program To Help Britons Slim Down”

Don’t Bank On Seeing A Doctor After COVID 19

It’s been said that life will never be the same following the COVID 19 pandemic, and the new normal has even changed the way we access local healthcare. From booking visits to A&E, live video links with doctors, and receptionists giving a triage service, and far-reaching changes are set to transform how we’re treated. PlansContinue reading “Don’t Bank On Seeing A Doctor After COVID 19”

Face Mask Rules In Takeaways Finally Confirmed

People grabbing takeaway coffee or food in England will have to wear a face covering. Brandon Lewis cleared up days of uncertainty over compulsory masks that have been launched in England, and it’s now law to wear a face-covering in shops and supermarkets in England, with £100 fines for rule-breakers. But people won’t have toContinue reading “Face Mask Rules In Takeaways Finally Confirmed”

Boris Johnson Turns Down EU Vaccine Scheme

Boris Johnson has turned down the EU’s vaccine scheme over fears of delays, and it’s understood that following weeks of discussions about joining the scheme, the Government believes that it could delay the rollout of a possible vaccine by up to six months. However, they’ve been accused of believing in Brexit over vaccines in theContinue reading “Boris Johnson Turns Down EU Vaccine Scheme”

DWP To Give Private Firms Millions As Fit-For-Work Test Deals Extended For The Third Time

The government is set to give millions of pounds more to outsourcing colossi to run fit for work and disability examinations. Atos, Capita and Maximus are due to have their profitable contracts for PIP and ESA assessments increased for up to two years, and it will be the third time the contracts have been extendedContinue reading “DWP To Give Private Firms Millions As Fit-For-Work Test Deals Extended For The Third Time”

Face Coverings Must Cover Mouth And Nose

No 10 has advised the public to wear face coverings correctly, covering up both the nose and the mouth to ensure they’re effective. Face coverings have become a common sight in the United Kindom as people have sought to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but there’s debate on how effective they are. Face coveringsContinue reading “Face Coverings Must Cover Mouth And Nose”