BBC Employees Keep Their Jobs After Being Found Guilty Of Bullying And Harassment

Dozens of staff at the BBC have kept their jobs after being found guilty of bullying and harassment despite the corporation’s zero-tolerance promise.

The broadcaster has upheld or partly upheld 33 of 154 cases in the past two years but only one person has lost their job.

A Freedom of Information Act disclosure has revealed that an additional 105 complaints were dismissed and 16 were withdrawn.

The findings come eight years after the inquiry into BBC bullying and harassment sparked by the Jimmy Savile scandal.

But the figures show misconduct is still an ongoing problem after sources told a newspaper outlet that executives aren’t adequately protecting complainants.

The BBC said it takes appropriate action in each of the cases and the figures don’t include BBC Studios which produces much of its TV content including Strictly Come Dancing.

Since 2013, there have been 508 formal cases of bullying and harassment, 32 of which were sexual misconduct complaints.

cafter a Respect at Work review, implementing a zero-tolerance culture where people feel able to raise concerns and have confidence that they’ll be dealt with properly.

One person who’s since been involved in a case said the new attitude is more about protecting the institution than the person.

The BBC has also promised to settle claims quicker after it was accused of taking too long in the Dinah Rose QC’s report.

The corporation said it would resolve disputes in 30 days, with 60 days allowed for complicated cases, but in the past eight years have seen an aggregate of 79 days for resolution.

Paul Siegert, the broadcasting organiser at the National Union of Journalists, said that many of those accused were managers and the BBC were too afraid to dismiss them because they were concerned about the negative publicity.

And he said, that usually, those that are guilty leave quietly without a payoff, a completely unacceptable way of cracking down on improper conduct.

He added that the National Union of Journalists had been involved in some cases which had taken more than a year.

The BBC said that the BBC should be ambitious about resolving cases quickly, but that they could be complex and needed to be examined with rigour and care.

And for those that haven’t already done it, it’s now time to cancel your TV licence, but then, of course, they’ll send in an army of people to chase you up and intimidate you – the TV licence has absolutely no value for money.

The government are already considering replacing the BBC licence with a new Household Tax, which means that no one will be exempt.

Boris Johnson is a Socialist coward, and he won’t let you cancel your licence, nor will it be put on a subscription basis, and once he puts the TV licence into a property tax, people won’t even have a choice about paying it.

This is pure out and out bullying, but of course, their TV footmen will look you square in the face and swear blind that there’s absolutely no bias on their part, scout’s honour! And of course, there’s no accountability if you’re a loyal stooge of the political regime.

Of course, the simplest way to resolve the matter is to just close down the BBC, or there should be a referendum on the licence fee, and I’m guessing that the BBC would lose badly.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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