Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries Is Slammed By Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson slapped down one of his newest Cabinet ministers after she questioned the BBC’s long term future.

Boris Johnson insisted the great institution would be around for a long time to come after Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries’ attack on the media monolith.

She told a fringe event at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester that the public broadcaster could be killed off by streaming services like Netflix within a decade.

She also took aim at the corporation for alleged nepotism and elitism, despite herself once employing her two daughters on her parliamentary team.

Asked about Nadine Dorries comments, Boris Johnson told GB News in Manchester that the BBC had been around for a very long time, and that it was a great national institution, and that he had no doubt it would be around for a long time to come.

Nadine Dorries, 64, demanded change at the organisation, saying its workers needed to reflect a wider demographic than just people whose mum and dads work there.

Talking at a Conservative Party fringe event, the Liverpudlian Bedfordshire MP said its groupthink mind prohibited minorities and people with regional dialects.

Asked whether the licence fee would still be mandatory in 10 or 20 years, she said that she couldn’t look into the future and that would the BBC still be about in 10 years?

She said that we can’t look into the future, but that it was a very competitive environment at the moment, and that we have Amazon Prime, Netflix and other bods coming down the line.

She continued that this younger generation that was coming through, certainly watch their television in a somewhat different way to how her contemporaries viewed its TV, so who knows where we will be?

Her remarks about nepotism sparked a turbulent blast from BBC staff, including presenter Clive Myrie, who used the Twitter hashtag #mymum to collate examples of staff who didn’t get jobs through their parents.

Nadine Dorries herself hit the headline’s in 2013 when, as a backbench MP, she was reported as being amongst 28 MPs who gave relatives pay rises at the taxpayer’s expense.

The MP for Mid Bedfordshire, increased the salary of her daughter Philippa, then 28, into the £40,000-£44,999 pay band from the £30,400 she was getting as a constituency caseworker.

The one time I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! contestant also paid her daughter Jennifer, then 26, up to £35,000 to work as a senior secretary.

Boris Johnson is transforming the Tory party into something else altogether, and he’s totally abandoned 50 years of Conservative orthodoxy, and he adores the BBC, and the environment, and every other lefty cause – soon the Tories will be indistinguishable from Labour, or maybe it’s already happened with this chancer who bends with any wind.

The British public are fed up with financing this biased broadcasting corporation, and I think that if Boris Johnson won’t cancel it, then the British public will, and this is why numerous Cabinet Ministers can’t get on with their jobs because Boris Johnson keeps slapping them down.

He’s not a Conservative in any shape or form. He’s lied to the British people, flouted his manifesto and is forcing us all on to this Green course, at a huge expense to everyone, and he makes it perfectly obvious that he doesn’t give a stuff about the British people, and he smirks and laughs as if everything is a huge joke, even doing the same when COVID struck.

Boris Johnson is an ignorant, overbearing, self-serving chucklehead, and we really are in trouble folks, and we now need a new political party, one that actually represents the people.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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