The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed they screwed up the COVID 19 infection counts and deliberately deceived the public and have apologised. Clarifying that the number of people really contaminated was much lower than what was originally announced. And is a mistake so outrageous it made the director of the Harvard GlobalContinue reading “THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG”

Donald Trump Maintains He’s Taking An Unproven Drug

President Donald Trump said that he’s taking hydroxychloroquine, a malaria remedy which he thinks could be used to manage coronavirus, but allegedly using it for managing COVID 19 symptoms has been unproven. Donald Trump stated that he’d been taking a pill a day for about ten days after his doctor offered him a prescription andContinue reading “Donald Trump Maintains He’s Taking An Unproven Drug”

CDC Sent Useless Test Kits To States, Tainted With Coronavirus

As the novel coronavirus took root across America, the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention sent states in the US tainted test kits in early February that were themselves seeded with the virus. The contamination made the tests cryptic, and because testing is essential for containment efforts, it lost the country precious time toContinue reading “CDC Sent Useless Test Kits To States, Tainted With Coronavirus”

US private Healthcare Company Handed Over £7 Million

A US healthcare firm praised by Donald Trump has been given £7 million to help the NHS distinguish its most costly patients, and it’s running a nine-month programme to teach managers to classify people according to their risk of illness. The move has sparked concerns that more could be turned down for ops because ofContinue reading “US private Healthcare Company Handed Over £7 Million”

Ambassador of China Accusing UK Conservative MPs of Witch Hunt

The Chinese ambassador to the UK has attacked Tory MPs of mounting a witch-hunt after they raised concerns about Boris Johnson’s proposal to allow Huawei access to the 5G network. Liu Xiaoming praised ministers for their good decision to let the Chinese tech colossus to build some non-sensitive parts of the new infrastructure. The PrimeContinue reading “Ambassador of China Accusing UK Conservative MPs of Witch Hunt”

Donald Trump Officially Impeached

Donald Trump has been impeached in the United States House of Representatives for abuse of power. The House found that the Republican president violated his office by asking Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, his most prominent competitor in the 2020 election. Members of the House voted in favour of the first article of impeachment, thatContinue reading “Donald Trump Officially Impeached”

Boris Johnson Suddenly Realises He Can’t Trust His Friend Donald Trump

Donald Trump is in town and Boris Johnson is doing about everything he can to dodge being seen with his guest but usually, Prime Ministers embrace the opportunity to be photographed beside the US President as a method of polishing their credentials as a world statesman or woman. Boris Johnson isn’t even holding a oneContinue reading “Boris Johnson Suddenly Realises He Can’t Trust His Friend Donald Trump”

Tories Will Strip Workers Of Tea Breaks And Bank Holidays

Jeremy Corbyn warns that a vote for Boris Johnson’s Tories will strip workers of their tea breaks and bank holidays and force them on to zero-hours contracts and Labour stands shoulder to shoulder with ASDA workers facing the sack for refusing to sign spanking new contracts. And Labour is going after the bad bosses becauseContinue reading “Tories Will Strip Workers Of Tea Breaks And Bank Holidays”

Boris Johnson Claims…

Boris Johnson may claim the NHS isn’t up for grabs in any US trade deal but a former doctor fears the Prime Minister won’t be able to stop himself flogging parts of our cherished institution to private firms and he’s warned that would lead to sky-high post-Brexit treatment and prescription prices as it is, forcedContinue reading “Boris Johnson Claims…”

Brexit Blow For Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has been dealt a damaging Brexit blow after the DUP rejected his hopes for a deal. The pound fell by 0.5 per cent after the Northern Irish party’s leader Arlene Foster announced a 6.45 am statement stating that she can’t support the Prime Minister’s proposal as it is. That means that even ifContinue reading “Brexit Blow For Boris Johnson”