Confusion As Michael Gove Says …

Face masks shouldn’t be made compulsory in England’s shops, that’s what Michael Gove said, but now Boris Johnson has now toughened up the rules on coverings and has made face coverings mandatory. There are some people out there that chose to wear face coverings, there are others that don’t and there are many that can’tContinue reading “Confusion As Michael Gove Says …”

Face Coverings Must Cover Mouth And Nose

No 10 has advised the public to wear face coverings correctly, covering up both the nose and the mouth to ensure they’re effective. Face coverings have become a common sight in the United Kindom as people have sought to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but there’s debate on how effective they are. Face coveringsContinue reading “Face Coverings Must Cover Mouth And Nose”

The UK Government Will Not Rule Out The Cut-Off Of Whole Cities

The UK government has refused to rule out cutting off whole cities if Britain enters a worst-case scenario of Coronavirus, and apparently, they won’t take anything off the table, as the global death toll nears 3,000, including one Brit on a cruise boat in Japan. The Tory Cabinet minister, who’s setting up a war roomContinue reading “The UK Government Will Not Rule Out The Cut-Off Of Whole Cities”

Dettol Warns There’s No Evidence Its Spray Can Kill Deadly Coronavirus

Dettol has advised there’s no indication its spray can kill the dangerous Wuhan coronavirus after customers spotted it on the label. Eagle-eyed shoppers spotted a claim on the label of a bottle of the disinfectant that it could kill cold viruses (human coronavirus and RSV). One customer shared a snap of the back of aContinue reading “Dettol Warns There’s No Evidence Its Spray Can Kill Deadly Coronavirus”