Virgin Wins £700 Million Contract

Virgin Care has been given a £700 million contract to operate more than 200 NHS services, the first time a company will deliver a council’s social care for adults. Bath and North East Somerset councillors backed the contract by 35 votes to 22 at a council meeting in Bath. The settlement came following a voteContinue reading “Virgin Wins £700 Million Contract”

Basildon’s Accident and Emergency is Third Lowest in UK

Sick people who have to sit in Basildon Hospital’s accident and emergency department have given it the worst scores in the United Kingdom as stated by a new census. Patients are grading Basildon’s Accident and Emergency department the lowest in the United Kingdom and, when sick people are coming into the department they are askedContinue reading “Basildon’s Accident and Emergency is Third Lowest in UK”

Jeremy Hunt overruled by High Court

Jeremy Hunt acted illegally and, misbehaved badly, using his authority to endeavour to cut facilities at a London Hospital in Lewisham. If Jeremy Hunt had achieved this, it would have had serious consequences for the future of the NHS hospitals. The residents of Lewisham fought in opposition to Jeremy Hunt and, were victorious in thatContinue reading “Jeremy Hunt overruled by High Court”

Feeding a Habit

Drug abusers are putting a price on the health service, a whacking £500,000 a year while they’re taking the heroin replacement methadone behind bars and, as well through the NHS. This country’s health faces growing demands as the Tory party overseers make cuts on a health service that is swiftly falling flat on its face.Continue reading “Feeding a Habit”

The War Against Reality

I do agree that GPs are very overstretched, but their task is to help their patients who are sick.  Those that presently go into see their GP is because of pressure from being told that they don’t qualify to benefit any longer and, they’re under pressure because they need support from their GP, but nowContinue reading “The War Against Reality”

Virgin on the Ridiculous!

Richard Branson and Virgin – Virgin on the ridiculous more like!  The NHS has gone into competition and, it seems that what was formerly the spine of our culture, the NHS is presently a sick joke. On March 27, the Health and Social Care Bill was given Royal Assent and became law, but the NHSContinue reading “Virgin on the Ridiculous!”

E bay Astray!

It’s surprising that people are allowed to get away with this example of behaviour with a view to human life. This is about peoples private data that had been set onto a mainframe and, then put up for sale by a data destruction company that had been employed by the NHS Surrey. I guess that the wordsContinue reading “E bay Astray!”

NHS – Putting a Handle on that Scandal

When did medication that our doctor gave us become so costly?  It was such a long time ago, even I fail to remember.  Like a great deal of things, I don’t see why we should pay for our medication because we spend so much in levy, that the taxes that a working person pays shouldContinue reading “NHS – Putting a Handle on that Scandal”


It didn’t shock me when I read in the tabloids this morning about the scandals and, cover-ups over the deaths of patients in hospitals, specifically Morecambe Bay and Mid Staffordshire. Does it not make people wonder what other cover-ups there have been?  I’m not saying there have been, I am just saying, could there haveContinue reading “DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS”