It all began with your Mother who signed you away by using her maiden name on your birth certificate. The “Informant”, your Mother signed you over to the state by using her maiden name, although there was no other option because the government knows that women can’t legally be the owner of their own children;Continue reading “The REAL STORY Behind Why You Have A BIRTH CERTIFICATE”

Another Welfare Myth

If Iain Duncan Smith believes that he can survive on £53 per week, then I would in fact, love to see him to do it.  He appears to make these declarations and, then simply can’t put his money were his mouth is, that’s because he’s got so much money, he just doesn’t know what toContinue reading “Another Welfare Myth”

We’re all in this Together!

David Cameron stated, “It was time to pull together,” in conjunction with his Conservative catchphrase of, “We’re all in this together”. Well, I can’t see much togetherness going on at the moment when Iain Duncan Smith’s department hands out gratuities of £44 million while reducing benefits for the vulnerable.  What David Cameron in fact indicatedContinue reading “We’re all in this Together!”

Axe that Tax!

The term “horrific” is the only word I could use because care givers are being forced to cut back on basics, such as food and electricity because of the under occupancy law that was brought in by the tory government. Nonetheless, this is only what I would expect from an Edwardian government because they haveContinue reading “Axe that Tax!”

NHS – Putting a Handle on that Scandal

When did medication that our doctor gave us become so costly?  It was such a long time ago, even I fail to remember.  Like a great deal of things, I don’t see why we should pay for our medication because we spend so much in levy, that the taxes that a working person pays shouldContinue reading “NHS – Putting a Handle on that Scandal”