The people of the abyss

They couldn’t stretch the rules anymore than they’ve already done, except for telling people that they don’t qualify for any money and, that they’re going to open up public institutions to house the poor.


It appears that increasingly we are heading back to the 1800’s rather than of going onward and upward.


The people of Great Britain did not source the debt, the government caused the deficit by filching the excess of their resources, nevertheless we are being viewed upon like we are the lowest of the low, the plague of society.


We’re not the infestation of society and, if the powers that be believe that we are, then it’s only the way that they’ve made us, or shaped us to be, we didn’t make the unemployment and, if there were sufficient jobs to go round, don’t you imagine that the people of England would go to work?




The people of England do not like being out of work, particularly those that have children to take care of and, to have their children look up to them.  People want a purpose in life, to have some dignity and, something that they can pass on to their off spring – But where have those jobs gone?

We call it Great Britain because at one time it was a great Britain and, we were glad to be British, because this land was great.  Now it should be called the Land of Plenty, because we have plenty of everything except from anything that is British.

Why should the public suffer because of something that somebody else started?

The poor, the poor, the poor, they stand,
Wedged by the pressing of Trade’s hand,
Against an inward-opening door
That pressure tightens evermore;
They sigh a monstrous, foul-air sigh
For the outside leagues of liberty,
Where art, sweet lark, translates the sky
Into a heavenly melody.



David Cameron, IDS and George Osbourne are extremely alike to Henry the VIII, they adjust the guidelines to suit themselves.  They will hurry something through parliament that fits the bill at the time and, then when it doesn’t suit them, they will rush something else through that suits them, particularly if it gives them more assets.




Only before, when old Henry was up to no good, it was to do with the church and religion and, how he could revise it for his hierarchical advantage, but it still boils down to the same thing, only now Prime Ministers can’t say, “Off with his head!” or “Off to the gallows!”.  I’m sure that their greatest past-time was capital punishment and, amateur dramatics.  In fact, thinking about it, the whole world is full of people believing they can take a shot at the amateur dramatics, including the government, after all, it is their only one shot to fame and fortune!


Only those that are now affected are the weak, disabled, poorly, paralysed and, exhausted people of our society, but instead of saying, “Off with his head!”, it’s let’s strip them of all dignity instead.


“That’s not right”, I’ve heard people say it, “Surely they can’t do that?”, but they can and, they do and, they will, so long as the people allow it to happen.

Some people are too weak to do anything about it, some people think it will go away, some people don’t care and, some people think it’s a good thing, which one are you?

Human Dignity must be respected and protected.  The self-respect of a human being is not only a basic right, but is the foundation of your rudimentary rights.

The right to dignity and equal value is the inherent right of all human beings, as all human beings are entitled to be treated with worthiness and respect.

All self-respect appears comparatively simple, but in general, the following conditions are deemed to contravene human dignity.

Infliction of pain

Dispicable destitution

Demeaning or humiliating behaviour

Ruthless or unorthodox sanctioning

Outrageous prejudice on the foundation of sex, race or disability.

The right to life is the most fundamental human right of all.  There is a responsibility to take preventative actions, particularly to people who are vulnerable, such as people who are sick or disabled.

No one should be put through the infliction of suffering and torment, or humiliating behaviour.

Article 4 preserves one of the basic rights, keeping safe human self-respect.

No one shall be held in slavery.  No one shall be ordered to carry out forced or compulsory labour.

So, the government has once more altered the rules and, in time, they will change them again and, the wheel goes round, but they are delivering pain on those that are the most vulnerable, perhaps not bodily pain, but definitely mental pain.

They are taking away money that people depend on and, without it they cannot pay their bills, put food on the table or put clothing on their backs.  It was bad enough prior to this, but now, people are being left penniless, on the streets, having to go to food banks and, what’s more, they are are having their dignity taken away from them.

People feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, the train’s already here, it’s run them over and, who’s driving that train? – The government!

Death and Taxes

How many people could see this coming?

It stands to reason that if there’s not enough money to go around, then people will just help themselves, because people have to eat and, feed their families.  They’re not going to sit back and say, “It’s all right, we’ll just starve to death”.


So, law-abiding people who would not have dreamed of thieving before this government decided to take money away from them, will do anything so that they don’t go hungry and, it will not just stop at shoplifting for food, in the end everybody will get on the bandwagon and, loot anything that they can get their hands on, it will end up in a pandemic.


Rising unemployment and, changes to the benefit system and, the increased food and fuel costs are putting families under strain, so can you blame them for doing what they need to do, but something has got to be done about it, because there isn’t enough work out there for people and, their benefits are getting cut.

Of course they will all get branded hooligans and the parasites of our society, but they are just people trying to get by and, in this day and age, food banks should not be a requirement to get by, but more and more people are finding it hard to put food on the table.


Plenty of people throw food away that is not out of date, which could feed a family, but then your missing the point.  If we carry on permitting this to happen to the good people of the United Kingdom, it will become run-of-the-mill for people to go to food banks.

This is the United Kingdom (United) we should stand, or else it is no longer a (United) Kingdom.


In England in school, food is provided at lunch time, which is governed by both food-based and nutrient-based standards.  Also food and drink supplied in an average school lunch must meet standard set for 14 different nutrients, so I was pretty appalled to read in the news that a young boy in a school in Paignton had been declined lunch over a £1.75 outstanding debt, that unquestionably doesn’t meet the criteria set for 14 different nutrients.


Across Europe, school lunch is the foundation for boosting the nutritional intake of ALL school children, unless of course you are in debt for a meagre £1.75 .

Not only was this young boy refused lunch, but he was left in tears and extremely upset about the event and, was given an apple because the assistant felt pity for him, or else he would have gone all day with no food at all and, then this child had to do his schoolwork in those conditions.


Could a letter not have been sent home to the parent prompting him that he owed the money, instead of making this young boy go without food for the whole day that he was in school?

After all, it is the parents duty to provide, not the child who is a minor and, should not have been victimised because his father had simply forgotten.  After all, we live in a busy and complex world and, people are not unfailing, not even the school and, errors are made and, bills are occasionally left unsettled because we fail to remember, or simply have to rob peter to pay paul.  Myself, I am guilty as charged, I am continually robbing peter to pay paul, simply because my money may not have been paid on the day that the bill needs paying and, sometimes we are a day behind schedule or a few days late.


I could appreciate if the boys father had not paid his lunch bill for weeks, but over £1.75 – did they really attain anything by that little outburst, or did someone really get great pleasure out of making this young lad go without a hot meal for the rest of the school day?

And that’s what it’s all about!

Having a fire service is unquestionably critical, it is a foundation of teamwork.   It is necessary because it can’t work with just a single fireman, it demands numerous firemen. images

Fire and rescue officials have a responsibility in law to encourage fire safety and react to fires and, an assortment of other urgent situations.

They assist in reducing deaths and injuries and, the overall prevalence of fire. images-1

Fire deaths in the home have halved since the 1980’s.  Since 2007 the number of accidental fire deaths in the home have stabilised at around 210 per year.

Nevertheless, fire and rescue authorities face additional problems, they need to be able to cope with the dangers of terrorism, against the necessity to cut the national deficit, which appears far more important than preserving a persons life, but Boris Johnson seems to have the need to axe Westminster fire station. Unknown

He may save £40 million, but these cost-cutting actions will mean that 500 firefighters will loose their livelihood, which also means that the response time getting to fires will be less and, more lives will be endangered.  It also means that some of those 500 firefighters will now be jobless, but nevertheless apparently more people are getting back into work – I can feel a song coming on here, “In out, in out, shake it all about”.

Boris Johnson has got it totally wrong this time and, I’m actually wondering if this was his idea at all.

No Room at the Inn

It is completely shameful that a family should be put into bed and breakfast, but to be put into just one room with four children is no more than infestation and, could also source communicable diseases such as lice and scabies, which then makes it a health matter. Unknown

District councils have a specific legal responsibility towards homeless people. images

If any person is homeless or is threatened with being homeless, the council have an obligation to give them help and support.

Councils should be fined if they do not give people the duty of care that they warrant, particularly when there are properties out there that the councils are leaving vacant for months on end before repairing them and, putting tenants back into them, that have been left in bed and breakfast or shelters for months with very young children.

It is not only unsuitable that councils are putting people into bed and breakfast, but it is also a health risk.  Overcrowding causes diseases, which then extend to other people in the surrounding area, which will then have grounds for them to be closed down, as it would do if it were a restaurant or a large hotel. environmental_health1

A bed and breakfast accommodation is a guest house or small hotel offering sleeping accommodation and, meal in the morning, which means that it has to comply with the regulations of Environmental Health.

In fact, have Environmental Health not remarked on Environmental problems where a large amount of people are being housed in B&B because the councils are not doing their job properly?

Government practice is that B&B accommodation is appropriate for families in a crisis situation and, for no more than six weeks, although I know a great deal of people that are often left for seven weeks.

If it is government policy, then why are councils taking it upon themselves to leave people in there for longer – are they not executing an unlawful act?

If this is an illegal act, which plainly it is, or else they would not have been fined, then it should be looked into instead of being pushed under the rug and, the people or persons should be held accountable.

God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages. ~Jacques Deval



Poverty is very high and, the statistics are even higher for some groups such as children, the elderly and the sick, but the difficulty is so misconstrued, because people only think of poverty as something that is drastic and endangers one’s life, like in developing countries. p19_poverty11


Nevertheless, poverty is extremely real and, it brings unhappiness to people’s lives and, is a direct assault on people’s basic rights and, restricts opportunities so that they can’t reach their full potential, it also excludes people socially and, limits their access to resources and, opportunities and, makes them feel discriminated against. Unknown


It makes them feel vulnerable and, at risk because they are without those resources.  They end up owing money, suffer poor health and, also have an education disadvantage and, live in inadequate housing and, they end up in relative poverty.


Some can only provide low-priced food, fruit and vegetables to feed their children is too costly and, healthier food is too dear for them to buy.


The trouble is not that they run out of cash, there was no money in the first place and, the problem is that they live their whole life that way and, their children grow up that way too – try explaining that unfairness to your children. images


Some people lose friends because they can’t take part in interests that others can, some can’t even go to self-help classes because that needs money and, there’s no additional money to do these things.


The system is too complex and, people don’t know where to go to get what.


Now that they’ve brought in the “under occupancy”, people can’t pay this extra money and, they will end up on the streets.  Some will end up sleeping in cardboard boxes, some will attempt to get assistance, but they will be challenged with huge red tape, having to tell their story several times, again and again before they might get somewhere and, they may get a little sympathy from someone, but the rules still stop effective help.


The way people look at you is humiliating and, you are not deemed a human being.


Sometimes animals are better protected and, you struggle, but there is no real hope any longer.


Children won’t be able to ask their friends over anymore, because in the end homes will be too small, so they will be excluded and, then they will be required to lead a invisible life.


Parents of children will no longer be able to pay for school holidays or cultural pursuits and, children will bequeath their parents poverty.




Draining us Dry

Government spending
Government spending (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

If the government suspend minimum wages, then would it not be right in saying that employers will be able to take the out-of-work people and, pay them essentially what they want?

If they are paying them £1 or £2 an hour, would that not be slave labour? Unknown

That would also mean that we’d not be within the guidelines with living standards and, in the end the government would drain us dry and, why should we work for next to nothing, when a majority of people have worked arduously, gone to college or university to be informed that they have to take jobs that are only paying stupid money, when everybody has the right to participate in work and, to follow a freely chosen or recognised profession. Slave+Labor+(Bunting+Boy),+London,+2012

The government is taking away our civil liberties, because a right is something you may demand of someone, while a liberty is freedom from intrusion by another.

The government is taking away our freedom by hindering and, making the choices for us.  We do not get a say in this, so consequently they are taking away our civil liberties.

It is our human right for life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness, the be able to develop one’s persona to the fullest of its potentiality and, to safeguard dignity.

Our civil liberties give us rights and liberty, which means, the right to life and, security of the people, which we do not have with this government.  It also gives us the freedom of expression.

I’m expressing my desire to be listened to.

Escape the Cage!


In 2012 in the United Kingdom, an Act of Parliament was brought in, which they named The Welfare Reform Act, which then made alterations to the rules connected to a number of benefits, which had been formerly provided to the people of the United Kingdom within the bounds of the British social security establishment. 2162610423_53ac7bf19a

Among the terms of that said act are the changes to housing benefit, which came into power in 2013, these amendments include the “under-occupancy penalty”, which then reduces the amount of social security that is paid to applicants if they are deemed to have too much living space in the property that they are renting.

Now the government want us to live in rabbit hutches because we we do not deserve space, we are no more than animals in a cage.  Like Battery hens, or cows that our keeper can ram when we do not walk the line.Unknown-1

The British Chancellor of the Exchequer supporting this act was stated as saying that the changes would reduce welfare dependency and support working families.

Nearly all working families are not paid enough to pay their rent, they scrimp and save to get by each week without the introduction of the bedroom tax, and in addition, the council tax.  Now that they have to pay the extra, they will be worse off.

What you will get in the end are shops that will shut down, because people will not be able to pay for their goods.  So the extra monies that they are making people pay will be of no value to them because shops will shut down, they will go into liquidation, they will not able to afford to stay open because no one will be able buy their merchandise.

If consumers stop buying, the country will come to a halt.

As far as humanity goes, people have suppressed their people, although one of the sizeable successes of our world was the capacity to end such an evil.  People rose up and, were against that enslavement, well that’s what we’d like to believe anyhow.

Buying and selling and, human trade is illegal, nevertheless it happens to us everyday.  Not just in different cultures, but in our culture as well.  It’s the supply chain and, it’s that supply chain that suppresses more people.

An independent market should come from free people, that we work to provide simply because we need to exist, not because it will supply additional money.

Like all creatures, human beings want to control and take advantage of those resources around them.  At first, we hunted and fished and, ate off the land, but then something exceptional and unpleasant happened to our minds.

Loneliness encircled the animals, who were now scared to die and, scared of loss.  And this was the start of a considerable tragedy and, an even more considerable possibility.

You see, when we become frightened of dying, of injury and, imprisonment, we become controllable and, beneficial, in a way that no other resource could ever be.

We don’t realise that we are being controlled, it’s all extremely ingenious and, the public just have no concept of what is going on.  We watch TV, films, adverts, songs, they all control our minds, it’s called Mass Mind Control, it’s the present-day science of mind control and social engineering, but they will tell you it’s for the greater good of humankind.

However, even though people are waking up to the real world of our expanding see-through cage, there are just about enough people who choose to stay asleep and, then there are those who were awake and, then went back to sleep.

It’s a carefully crafted plan to dumb down the population and, the government are the undergraduates to the magicians of power and propaganda.  To beat your opponent, it’s vitally important that we understand how they think and what they believe.

BUT you don’t have to believe me, you can read for yourself:


Money, Money, Money!

70337742 They are helping themselves to money that is obviously not theirs to take.  This money was the taxpayers money, they worked arduously for it and, it is taken by the tax man to pay for second homes and, going to the gym and, then they have the gall to take additional money off us and, tell us it’s to pay off the deficit and, then say, “We are all in this together”.

Take everyone that has fiddled the public and, make them pay it all back, including MP’s and, anybody in the cabinet.  I wager after taking all that money back, that would fill the hole in the deficit, it would unquestionably make our economy a bit more promising.

Why should they get expenses anyhow, don’t they get paid enough without the extra pleasures, but give a man half a hand and, he’ll take a whole one.  It’s called gluttony, pure and simple hunger for more, there are no other words for it.

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