High-earning Tenants are now expected to show their Incomes

Social tenants that are paid a higher bracket of wages will now be legally required to reveal their earnings if they take home more than £60,000, so that they’re then in line with the market rental.


The Communities and Local Government department indicated last week that the government will set down in law that the burden is on the occupants who are being paid more will have to disclose their income to make sure that they are making a reasonable contribution.

The CLG’s feedback was that the occupant had to pay to stay in their place of residence and, £60,000 was the economical of the three limits set out by the government in its discussion on the pay to stay.

Social landlords will be required to use the additional cash made from this strategy to finance and develop reasonably priced homes.

It’s not the impoverished and out-of-work that this governments cuts will have an effect on, but it will be the hard working people as well, no one is sheltered from the governments control, apart from the exclusively rich and, government themselves.

I Ain’t Got No Home

Edward Snowden’s father made it known that his son should remain in Russia because his son is being discredited by the Obama administration.


Lon Snowden has been working tirelessly behind the lines with legal professionals in attempting to obtain ways for his son to get an impartial trial in the US.

Edward Snowden has been accused in federal court with contravening the Espionage Act and, divulging particulars of NSA reconnaissance.


There have been eight whistleblowers accused with breaching the Espionage Act under Obama.

At the moment,  we have a remarkable group of people, or members of this expanding club, comprising Snowden who has been accused by the US government with the stealing of government property and, two counts of violating the Espionage Act.

In a phone conference with The Associated Press, the senior Mr. Snowden declared he had misplaced his faith and, was not sure that his son would be treated without bias by the Justice Department.

Currently Edward Snowden is in Hong Kong and, he intends to remain in the city and contest any accusations against him in a court of law if it is established that he is culpable, he faces up to 30 years in prison.


Government have extensively wrestled with the concept of the limits if any, to chair on the idiom of ideas and beliefs.

The quandary dates back to at least ancient Greece, when the Athenians prized single entitlements, but nonetheless victimised Socrates for his teachings, laying claim that he had lead astray young people and, had disparaged the gods.

Things have altered somewhat since ancient Greece and, Socrates, but we still have Freedom of speech and, it’s one’s constitutional right to convey one’s beliefs and opinions, utilising one’s body and property to anybody who is ready to receive them.


At the moment,  Edward Snowden needs to obtain a haven and, relocate to anywhere, or anybody who is prepared to entertain his opinions and ideas, but still it’s his constitutional right to communicate his beliefs and opinions – that is not Espionage that is just telling people the veracity of what he regards as true.


The right to freedom of expression is recognised as a human right and, under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that is recognised in international human rights law in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Article 19 of the ICCPR states that everyone shall have the right to embrace opinions without intrusion and everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall incorporate freedom to seek, receive and impart information and, ideas of all kinds, irrespective of limitations, either verbally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice.


Consequently Edward Snowden did not carry out Espionage, he did not spy for anybody else, the US government allegedly do that on an everyday basis, so in speculation the US government are supposedly blowing their own trumpet.

Edward Snowden is welcome to a warm sofa in my house anytime he likes because as far as I’m concerned he has carried out no unlawful act, except  revealing what happened and if telling the truth is a crime these days, then everyone is guilty of something and, should all be put behind bars.

Scooter drive-thru Ban

A PENSIONER has accused McDonald’s of discrimination after McDonald’s prohibited her mobility vehicle from a drive-thru.


The lady pulled up at the popular establishment because she fancied a strawberry milk shake and, was then told that the mobility vehicle broke health and safety regulations.


Mobility scooters provide a person the sense of independence that they require to get out and about, but as stated by McDonald’s, not any longer.

The lady said that she didn’t expect that McDonald’s would want a large motor vehicle driving through the restaurant and, thought it would be a bit of fun to use the drive-thru.


Mobility scooters can cause substantial harm to the user or other people if it crashes into someone or something.

Class 2, controlled wheelchairs and scooters, these are only suitable for driving on pavements or footpaths and, have a top speed of 4 miles an hour.

Class 3, powered wheelchairs and other outdoor powered vehicles, including scooters.  These are appropriate for riding on roads and, have a top rapidity of 8 miles an hour and, must not weigh more than 150 kilograms without the operator and any cargo.

I’m not sure of which mobility vehicle the lady was operating, but by what I could see, this lady was driving an 8 mile an hour scooter and, that is then classed as a motor vehicle with a tax disc, so she should have been allowed to have gone through the drive-thru at McDonald’s.

Nonetheless, even had her scooter been a 4 mile an hour buggy, then health and safety would not have allowed her to drive into the restaurant because it then becomes a fire hazard and, is for road use only.

Nasty Immigration Posters

Now they’re putting large outdoor board displays telling illegal immigrants to go home, or face being taken into custody.

Had the government not let them come in and, continue to be here in the first place, then we’d not have billboards like this.  After all, it says illegal immigrants, which means they’re not meant to be here, so why are they and, why have they been allowed to continue to exist in this country for so long?

Illegal immigrant means that they’re here without suitable documents and, over the years illegal immigration has become overwhelmingly on the rise, from the poorer to the richer country, but the United Kingdom is no longer the wealthy country that the poorer immigrant thought it used to be, so why are they still flocking in?


Since 1945, immigration to the United Kingdom under British nationality law has been considerable, in particular from the Republic of Ireland and, from previous settlements and colonies of the British Empire, such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Caribbean, South Africa, Kenya and, Hong Kong.

Nonetheless, advertisements like this on the side of vehicles is unpleasant, as well as disagreeable and, should not be allowed and, if we do, then we are presenting ourselves like animals that are no better than the ones at the zoo.

Illegal immigration happens largely from countries with lower socio-economic situations to countries with greater socio-economic conditions, but in this country presently, that is not the situation.

In 1965, a new Act demanded migrants to have an occupation prior to their arrival and, to have special expertise or who would fulfil the labour requirements of the national economy.

So when prospective immigrants think that the likelihood and benefits of successfully relocating to their destination country are considerably more costly, then illegal immigration becomes an option.

The government said that it was more economical to get people to depart from the United Kingdom of their own free will, as an option of being led away in hand restraints, but these people know that at the end of the day they are going to be led away in handcuffs because they know they’re here illegally, they may be foreign, but their not ignorant.

Flyers and advertisements are being given out in internet cafes, newsagents and money transfer shops and, the government are saying that they’re handing out direction and assistance with travel documents, but that won’t make any difference because the illegal immigrants that come into England do so because even though we are in a financial decline over here in the UK, it is still more effective for them to live here in England and, still post money back to their families in whatever country that they came from and, still have enough to live off while in England.

What the advertisements should say is: Please don’t vote for any government party next time, because whoever gets in cocks it up anyhow.

We know who you are!


I’ve heard this one time and time again, of course they know where we live and, yet they maintain that we’re scroungers and, live off the sovereign state.  Nonetheless, if they know where we live, why did they not sanction our benefits for disability ages ago, instead of telling the tabloids that we’re conniving fakers, bent on defrauding the tax payer out of their hard earned wages.


Truth is that the government has the newspapers in the palm of their hands, controlling them, so that they report the news to the working classes, that the unemployed and, disabled are faking an ailment that’s not there, allegedly it’s all in their heads.


The government are armed, but what are they armed with – Bad breath, colourful language, feather duster – What do you think they’re armed with? – Control!

Nevertheless the unemployed and disabled do not deserve to be assaulted with verbal insults and, disability hate crime, indicating that this is the new norm for people and, those who are disabled.

We lead ourselves by example and if this is the example we’re giving to the destination of procreation; then we have no chance at all, yet the government’s sanctioning people’s money for apparently unneeded spending, but then they go out and acquire themselves a brand new motor vehicle, or a house in the country at the expense of the tax payer and, then tell us it’s because of the unemployed and disabled that the country’s having problems and, the workers accept this rubbish that the government are supplying them.

So it’s “Do as I say and, not as I do” and, then when this happens, in the end you will see the death of interest between people and, as well compassion, goodness and kindness and, no matter what the circumstances are.

It’s double standards, them and us, but when the milk turns sour, I’m not the kind of pussy to drink it.

Prince Philip already stated that, “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation”.  Or did that indicate when he said overpopulation, the unemployed and disabled?


This is unmistakably not a caring nation and, it has no morals and, if you are any kind of leader, it’s your responsibility to inspire people. 

Well, they are encouraging people to lead by example, making it easy for everybody to follow them.

The microwave mind-control so that your minds have a melt down.  Causing people to reportedly talk nonsense and, a meaningless string of words and not feel well and, is this a mind control weapon?

Watching television and, reporting on it was once the safest job in the world, now it’s turning into a bad day in Bosnia.


At the moment, yobs on the street are beating up disabled people because they watch what’s on TV and are convinced that it’s true.

The welfare state is a large part of British family life, with about 5.3 million of them being pensioners, but the government are currently saying that there are generations of taxonomic groups on benefits that have at no time worked.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation issued a study in December to see if there were three generations of the same family that had at no time worked.


In spite of tenacious investigation, researchers were unable to locate such families and if they did exist; they account for a tiny fraction of workless individuals.

Nonetheless, Mark Littlewood, Director of the Institute for Economic Affairs wishes for the names and addresses of everybody on benefits made public by publishing them, along with the benefits that they’re given so that the out-of-work, disabled and pensioners can bow down at the governments feet even more than they do so already.

It’s now the needy against the greedy and, the people you trust from the ones you don’t and, I don’t like to mention it to Mr. Littlewood, but he’s not going to get any grovelling communique of appreciation from the masses, he will only get one word from them, “It’s a right, not a charity”.

Nail in the Coffin

One day you’re living and, the following day you’re in your coffin, well that’s what occurred when Gillian Tuckman’s retirement benefits were cut short, following an inaccuracy that was made by the Department for Work and Pensions when they made a complete and utter cock up.


This lady had no idea of what was going on until the Council sent her a letter to say that her executors were offering their sympathy.

The DWP said that a human blunder was accountable for the mix up, which leads me to the billion pound debate, if human error is to be held responsible, then what else are they responsible for where facts and figures and, calculations on the out-of-work and, disabled are concerned, in fact, all scroungers that the government say are claiming benefits, or is that an error as well?

The council has restored her benefit immediately and, once again, the council expressed regret for the distress brought about to Miss Tuckman, but she said that while both the DWP and the council have made an apology through the press, they have not apologised to her – I hope they refunded her for the coffin as well!

Social Taboo’s

I see human beings gob on the streets daily when I go out and, I find it completely repellent, as well as extremely loutish.

In some sections of the western world,  it’s believed ill-mannered and, a social taboo to spit and, in other parts of the world it’s considered more socially bearable.

Nevertheless, it’s believed that it’s likely to pass on communicable illness in this way, involving tuberculosis, influenza and, the common cold.


So presently, The London Borough of Enfield put an application into the Secretary of State, Eric Pickles, for interim consent to make bye-laws to ban anti-social spitting.

Now, spitting on the streets will earn you an £80 fine, unless you have a fairly good excuse for doing so.

I believe it’s about time that spitting got prohibited and, I as well believe that a further law should be brought in and, that should be the spitting upon another person, particularly on the face, after all other anti-social behaviour is no longer permitted, involving dog fowling and urination, so why should a human being be given permission to phlegm on the pavements and spit in one’s face.

Spitting upon a person is a pointer of vexation, loathing, lack of respect and, distain for another human being and, as well a deliberate act of contamination and, I believe the act of doing so to another individual should be a criminal offence and that person should be taken into custody and placed on trial for that said crime.


Spitting is a profoundly displeasing act and should not be socially allowed. 

It conceivably is normal in some parts of the world, but it shouldn’t be customary here in the United Kingdom because what we have to bear in mind that maybe in some parts of the world it’s deemed part of daily life, but what we have to be mindful of, is that our border authority on immigration and tourists is not restricted by quarantine, so consequently any immigrant that comes into the country and spits because in their country it’s allowed, may be bringing infectious illnesses into our country and, that’s not acceptable and, this is why we have laws against animals fowling and urinating on the ground because of such contamination and if one spits, they are no better than the animal that fowls and urinates, although they’re animals and, they know no better!


Sixty-Six million in appeal costs

Atos have without doubt gotten it all out of focus and, the taxpayer ends up picking up a very large bill, the total of £66 million pounds.


Atos reportedly trick sick people out of their benefits in an unfair way.  Their logic is that, if you have a finger and, you can push a button; then you can hold a position, so in essence to get any type of benefit, Atos are saying that you have to be unconsciousness to get it and, even then, people who are unconscious move their fingers, but that doesn’t mean that they can open their eyes and, get out of bed to get into work, which makes these assessments comical.

These assessments by Atos are unsuitable and, of a poor standard and, it’s at present costing the taxpayer further funds for benefit appeals, so these work capability assessments have not been successful at all, but we knew that would happen in the end.  It’s just one more of the Tories bright spark ideas gone wrong and, it doesn’t take the brightest tool in the electrical circuit to figure that one out.


Nonetheless, at this moment in time they’re passing the buck, as The shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, Liam Byrne said that the DWP need to get a grip and, lay some blame on ATOS, yet isn’t it the DWP that applies direction for Atos in the first place and, so now who’s the pot calling the kettle black?

The Royal Baby is here!

The Duchess of Cambridge has delivered a healthy baby boy.


So, we presently know that it’s a baby and, it’s a boy and, they’re were hundreds of other baby boys that were born on the same day and, they in no way got equal scrutiny. 

The only thing that a child will ever have to say as it’s growing up, is that they were born on the corresponding day as the destined to become king was and, then that will be the end of that analysis, but I suspect all the drunk party goers will be delighted by it.

The new baby is third in line to the royal seat and, I’m confident that the happy couple are titillated, although at the expense of the taxpayer.

The declaration of the happy event concluded a day of marauding media coverage, when in its place the press could have been looking with regard to thousands of people that have been taken off benefits and sanctioned and, are at the moment questioning where their next meal will come from, or how they’re going to pay their bills.

It was established that Catherine and, her offspring were doing well and, would stay in hospital overnight, once more at the taxpayer’s dispensation.

Prince Charles said he was savouring the prospect of grand fatherhood.  Which I’m sure the citizens of Great Britain will be smirking at and, laughing at the same time, so long as he doesn’t have to pick up a baby bottle to nurse the baby, for of course, Nanny McFee can do that job.


The new baby was just one of the newborns born into the UK yesterday, yet he will under no circumstances know anything about hardship, whilst one in three children in the UK live in poverty.

I do send one’s best wishes to the happy pair on the arrival of their recently born child because like each new parent they must be so chuffed and pleased with oneself, I know I would be and, it’s not because they’re Royalty or because the infant is in line to be King, but just because labour for anyone is a painful event, whether Royal or not!

Remploy Factories!

Remploy is a company that’s owned by the DWP in the United Kingdom, which did supply work and employment placement services for disabled people.


It was set up in 1945 under the conditions of the Disabled Persons (Employment) Act 1945 and, over the years formed a web of 83 workshops across the UK.


In 2007, the people in charge of Remploy declared plans to close 42 Remploy workshops, but following that, then lowered that amount to 28 following inflamed argumentation with the TUC and, Labour conferences, with then the Work and Pensions minister Peter Hain.  Twenty-Nine workshops were closed in 2008.

Remploy had a vital rebuild and, became a supplier of employment for the disabled  and, others with obstacles to employment.

In 2009/10 Remploy housed over 10,500 people into positions across a scope of sectors.  In 2009,  Remploy was chosen as a prime-and-sub-contractor bringing the Government’s Flexible New Deal Contract, which assisted the long term out-of-work back into work.


Over the last 5 years,  it has located over 50,000 job for the disabled, but after an announcement was put forward in early 2012, the Coalition government plans to close 36 of its 54 workshops, potentially making 1,700 employees redundant, which just shows “We are not all in this together” and, the government’s objective is not to get ill and disabled people back into work; their goal is to take money off those that are less able and, starve them off anything they conceivably can.  The only thing that this government want ill and disabled people in, is their coffin!

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