Can James Caan think of nothing better than

English: James Caan, British businessman
English: James Caan, British businessman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can James Caan think of nothing better than to campaign for better recruitment practices and does Mr. Caan have nothing better to do with his time? Does he not think there are enough people out of work without making it even harder for them, or does he want all of England to be out-of-work?

So don’t you employee one of your daughters? Pardon me, but who made you new social mobility tsar? Don’t you think it’s like “The pot calling the kettle black?”

Before you spout on about how one should do this and, one should do that, perhaps you should look a bit closer to home before you find fault with the way that people do things.

Your daughter may have gone through the “normal process” of recruitment, but we do not know what your procedure of recruitment is, it could have just been, “Yes, you are my daughter, that will do”.

I’m not calling you a fibber, nor am I hinting that your daughter did not go through the usual process of obtaining her position in your company.

Everyone has a different method of recruiting new blood to their empire and; I have referred to it as an empire because after all you are the new social mobility tsar.

NHS 111… How can we ignore you?

English: East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust
English: East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have only ever used the NHS 111 helpline once; I cannot say I found it good or poor, but I can certainly say it wasn’t superb.

NHS 111 helpline is a party of people that sit behind a desk responding to telephone calls and, reading off a list of things that they have been told to ask if you have an illness that is not life threatening then it is not classed as needing urgent medical attention.

This did not sit well with me because I already have a bad heart and, before NHS 111 I used to telephone NHS Direct, which in many ways is, not unlike the NHS 111, the same applies; a group of people sit behind a desk answering a telephone and, read off a list of things to ask.

When telling them I had pains in my chest they at once said I required an ambulance; I clarified that I didn’t need one; I was just phoning up to see if I should come to the hospital for medical care as my out of hours doctor sits at the hospital.

I knew that I could make an appointment over the telephone through NHS Direct, but because I had said I had pains in my chest, which I did, on their reading list of things to ask, it said pains in chest, send an ambulance.

I did not require an ambulance at all, but still one was dispatched, needless to say, there was nothing wrong with my heart.

I knew it was not my heart because I already have heart problems and, it turned out to be a Hiatus Hernia, not heart problems, which just cost the tax payer ex amount of pounds of unnecessary money.

Nevertheless, there was an instance when my son was extremely ill and, the doctor had come out and, said to call an ambulance and, when they came, they declined to take him. They after some time took him after I threatened to cut the ambulance drivers testicles off with a blunt knife, but before that they were adamant that they would not be taking him, even though the doctor had said to call for an ambulance.

Thankfully my son was fine but after being in pain for hours and hours and, being violently sick, with a temperature and, not understanding what was going on because he is Autistic, I was not too impressed with the ambulance service.

So my point is this, if you call the NHS 111 or Direct, you get an ambulance whether you want one or not, you call for an ambulance because your doctor has said you need one and, they refuse to take you.

I would have thought that if a doctor has said an ambulance is needed, then they know what they’re talking about.

The ambulance service are not trained enough to make a decision over what a doctor has said and, people behind a telephone are not qualified to know if that person, whom they know nothing about, cannot see and, have not got their medical details in front of them, should not be making those decisions over the phone.

They could be making a life or death decision, but would not be to blame because they are just doing their job.

Of The Female Gender

Woman in a rowing boat
Woman in a rowing boat (Photo credit: National Media Museum)

Women might only end up working part-time, but that does not mean they do not qualify for an education, or the right to work in the job of their preference. There are also a large amount of female doctors that work full-time and, have families and, also doctors that work in hospitals, mainly those in A&E working shift hours, so that means that they can multitask the amount of work that they do.

Working part-time or working roster hours does not make a woman a burden on the system; it just means that she can substitute hours with other doctors as most doctors work on a shift system in any case.

If there were additional women to work shift hours, then men and women could work fewer shifts and get to relax in-between. At the moment, there are too many exhausted junior doctors that are working 100 hours a week and, are endangering patients lives. They work double the legal limit of 48 hours a week.

There is nothing inappropriate with a woman wanting to work part-time and, still having a family. If we take this away from them, it will just make the situation worse and, there will be fewer doctors to deal with the excessive strain of the NHS and, once all women have gone, who will replace them?

Don’t we have enough trouble coping with the rise in NHS patients already?

Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

Everybody is equal, although some people think they are more equal than others and, that is just not the case.

Anyone that believes that they are more evenly matched should be bearing this in mind, just because a woman can do the same job as a man, does that make her different because she can bleed and breed?
Or is it because once she is in employment and, then goes onto have children, it means that her manager has to pay her maternity leave, which they believe in effect costs them far too much money in the long run.

Yet it seems reasonably acceptable that a patient should die on an operating table because a doctor was far to exhausted to work because a woman was taken off the roster, simply because she was a woman!

Crowning Glory

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why on earth has Victoria Beckham been awarded Woman Of The Decade?

What did she do, spew out a couple of songs with the Spice Girls, which everyone ranted over for all of the five minutes, then she married David Beckham and, popped out mini Beckhams, who will grow up and, then become famous and, so the cycle begins once more.

Spice Girl turned fashion designer made me chuckle; I bet she doesn’t put any hard work into designing those costumes, but I would imagine that somebody else makes them, that is paid a lot less money than she does and, works more hours, then she puts her name on them and, gets the crowning glory.

When asked for style tips, she said: “Dress appropriately. Dress in a way that suits you. You have to feel comfortable”. Oh dear God, what is she giving us quotes now for heavens sake?


English: NHS logo
English: NHS logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What happened to the good old fashioned NHS system where we had a Matron on each ward, making sure that every ward in the hospital ran without a hitch and, it did run smoothly; it was run like clockwork precision.

It appears to me that there are far too many CEO’s running the NHS these days, “Too many chiefs and not enough Indians” and, that is why the NHS is in upheaval because of poor preparation on the wards.

Bring Matrons back onto the ward, like we used to have and love, even though she was a stickler for regime, she got the job done and, there was never chaos on the wards when Matron was on the ward.

Of course, there should still be CEO’s to run the structure of the hospital, but back in the day, Matrons where the one’s that made sure that a hospital was run well, there was none of this poor practice back then because the Matron would not allow it.

A lengthy catalogue of sacrifices and victims

There really is no similarity; he may have been in and out of work, I can also remember being out of work for nine months, but I also had the assistance of my family and friends, but some don’t have that indulgence.

I can’t ever recall going hungry, or having to go to a food bank, or having my money penalised because I never done as I was told, or I never filled a form out properly.

I can remember quite clearly going from one job to another, but it was so effortless in those days, there were far more jobs at hand and, you could pick and choose at will, it was just never actually an issue.

Not only were there more jobs, but we were given Luncheon Vouchers towards food and, London Weighting. If I refer to those things when talking to my children, they look at me like I’m an antiquity from a different time, but it was not so long ago that these things were free and, now this is a thing of the past and, I’m sure they must have LV’s somewhere behind glass in a museum.

Not infrequently, the work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith remembers being made redundant and, facing life on the dole. Of course, most people being sent down that road are not so lucky as to be able to depend on wealthy in-laws.

If you want people to work and, work well, then you have to give them a good enough motivation to work, after all, they are going to be doing it for a very long time and, they deserve to be treated with consideration, because even though people work for a living, to buy things, clothes, provisions, niceties, they are still working to give back to the state and, what do they get for it, some MP somewhere, saying that people who retire should not get their retirement benefits unless they do unpaid work for it. They have earned the right to their pension, they have worked all of their lives and, for what? So, it’s not startling when young people hear this and, don’t see the point of working all those years for absolutely zilch, when there is no motivation to do so.

Universal Credit

If it’s not broken, then don’t fix it, so why do the government always feel the need to fix things and, change what is not broken.  It is almost like they have this hole in their pockets and, they have this continual need to spend what they don’t really have and, then take it back off the hard working tax payer.

They have always got to have some new enterprise going, such as Universal Credit, which will end up costing them almost six times more than they previously said.  So, it’s this neediness to spend money all the time, like some overindulgent child… But where is this money coming from?


I believe that MP’s do a very good job with the bounds of their community and, I don’t think it is a case of whether they get paid too much, it is a case that others in government get paid far to much for the work that they do, which makes it look like MP’s get paid too little.

What would a working class man’s wages be?  Well, they are working class and, they should be getting working class money, not wealthy state money.  If you work in politics, then you should be given a wage that is the same of any working class person.

As for overheads, then that should be controlled by a body of people who resolve what expenses people in parliament are entitled to and, what they have to pay out of their own income.  Travelling to work should not be graded as an additional overhead, everyone goes to work by public transport or their own car, they pay for their own parking, own petrol etc etc and, so should anybody in the political arena.  What I will say is this, those that are in the Armed Forces, should be paid much more than any MP or anyone in any political arena.  They endanger their lives everyday of the week and, face death everyday, these are the people who should be paid much much more than they do and, should be looked after way after they have left the army in cases of injury.


The Charity of England

As much as I do not approve with migrants claiming benefits and, that there should be a clamp down, I also think that there should be a clamp down on who qualifies to free health care, although there should still be rights for those who come to visit on holiday, as we wouldn’t want anyone dying on us whilst they are staying here, but on the other hand, if they are coming over to a country that they in fact do not live in permanently, then they should have made preparations before they arrived.  I am not saying that we should not be welcoming, but I am also saying that we should not be a charity case.

If a migrant is over here, working and earning their taxes, then they should be allowed to free health care, because they are putting back into the pot.  For those that have come over here and, are not working, then they cannot just expect the people to provide for them and, if they cannot provide for themselves in times of poverty, then they should not come at all.

If they want to come for a holiday, or they want to come to work, or even if they have come over and have money to provide without working, then that is all very well and good, but if you cannot provide for yourself in your own country, don’t come over to England and, think that we will provide for you, this is not the Charity of England.

This does not make me a racial bigot, or the fact that you come from another country, it has nothing to do with that.   What it has to do with is the fact that England is a very small place in contrast to other places in the world, we are just a very small island and, although it is extremely satisfying to think people want to come to England to live, because it’s a nice place to live, or at least it was, now it is becoming invaded with people that we cannot help.  We do not have the room and, we do not have the money, it is as straightforward as that.

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