Shamima Begum and Boris Johnson Both Violated The Law

When she ran away to join an Islamic State in 2015, Shamima Begum violated the law. A year earlier, then Home Secretary Theresa May had applied powers under section 3 of the Terrorism Act 2000, to make the death cult a proscribed organisation, and having anything to do with the group was punishable by upContinue reading “Shamima Begum and Boris Johnson Both Violated The Law”

Health Chief Warns That There Is Already Coronavirus In The UK

Public Health England medical director Dr Yvonne Doyle suspects there could now be cases of coronavirus in the United Kingdom but emphasised the country is well prepared for an outbreak, and the former foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt hinted Brits could be airlifted out of quarantined cities in China to evade the lethal virus. Jeremy HuntContinue reading “Health Chief Warns That There Is Already Coronavirus In The UK”

Katherine Gun: Whistleblower

Katherine Gun was a British translator who worked for the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), a British intelligence agency. In 2003, she leaked top-secret information to The Observer, concerning a request by the United States for intelligence on diplomats from members of the Security Council, who were scheduled to vote on a second United Nations resolutionContinue reading “Katherine Gun: Whistleblower”