NHS and Global Technology

This will not make any difference to the way the NHS run their departments, or how doctors and nurses function in their responsibilities. 

In fact it will make them twice as inadequate since they will feel more pressurised to do well in their performance and, to increase their level of standards, so that they can be at the top of the league tables.

If a consultant is pressured into doing better, he will obviously feel the strain and, will become exhausted and frustrated, which means that the job that he should be doing well, will in fact not be done well at all, but will be rushed.  

Coercing someone to do better is not the solution we are looking for, making their life easier is what we are looking for, making sure they are working in a happy environment and, they are happy in their job, because if we are not happy in our job, we are simply there for the money and, not for the good of the patients, who put their trust in the hands of their consultants.

We do not have enough doctors and nurses on call and, the very few that are on call, are rushed off their feet, which means that not all patients get the care that they need and, are left.

Surgery is rushed because there are not enough doctors to go round, in fact there is not enough of anything to go round.

These people are regarded as God’s and, that they can do anything and, provide anything, the thing that the government miss is that they are not God’s, they are human beings with thoughts and feelings that do the best they can with what provisions they have got.

If there is not enough staff to do that job, then things will eventually come to a halt.  

It only takes one cog on that wheel to break in the machine and, the whole machine shuts down.


The Charity of England

As much as I do not approve with migrants claiming benefits and, that there should be a clamp down, I also think that there should be a clamp down on who qualifies to free health care, although there should still be rights for those who come to visit on holiday, as we wouldn’t want anyone dying on us whilst they are staying here, but on the other hand, if they are coming over to a country that they in fact do not live in permanently, then they should have made preparations before they arrived.  I am not saying that we should not be welcoming, but I am also saying that we should not be a charity case.

If a migrant is over here, working and earning their taxes, then they should be allowed to free health care, because they are putting back into the pot.  For those that have come over here and, are not working, then they cannot just expect the people to provide for them and, if they cannot provide for themselves in times of poverty, then they should not come at all.

If they want to come for a holiday, or they want to come to work, or even if they have come over and have money to provide without working, then that is all very well and good, but if you cannot provide for yourself in your own country, don’t come over to England and, think that we will provide for you, this is not the Charity of England.

This does not make me a racial bigot, or the fact that you come from another country, it has nothing to do with that.   What it has to do with is the fact that England is a very small place in contrast to other places in the world, we are just a very small island and, although it is extremely satisfying to think people want to come to England to live, because it’s a nice place to live, or at least it was, now it is becoming invaded with people that we cannot help.  We do not have the room and, we do not have the money, it is as straightforward as that.


I believe that MP’s do a very good job with the bounds of their community and, I don’t think it is a case of whether they get paid too much, it is a case that others in government get paid far to much for the work that they do, which makes it look like MP’s get paid too little. 

What would a working class man’s wages be?  Well, they are working class and, they should be getting working class money, not wealthy state money.  If you work in politics, then you should be given a wage that is the same of any working class person.  

As for overheads, then that should be controlled by a body of people who resolve what expenses people in parliament are entitled to and, what they have to pay out of their own income.  Travelling to work should not be graded as an additional overhead, everyone goes to work by public transport or their own car, they pay for their own parking, own petrol etc etc and, so should anybody in the political arena.  What I will say is this, those that are in the Armed Forces, should be paid much more than any MP or anyone in any political arena.  They endanger their lives everyday of the week and, face death everyday, these are the people who should be paid much much more than they do and, should be looked after way after they have left the army in cases of injury.


Expensive Gimmick

Is this really necessary?  I know that we have a pandemic of portliness, but I don’t believe that a fat suit will help a doctors patient to lose the weight.  What will help them to loose weight, is by taking junk food off the market and, replacing it with a good healthy choice, like fresh meat and vegetables.  Take away the Genetically Modified foods and, there you go, no more obesity.

If doctors and nurses do not know how to conduct oneself towards their patients, then they should go for a course in bedside manners.  There are all manner of reasons why some people are full-figured, some are because it is inherited and it runs in the family, others are portly because of medication that they take, or they cannot get any physical activity because of an illness.

When a doctor pulls hold of your tummy fat and goes, “Well, there’s your problem”, it does not give one very much inspiration and, they leave the doctors surgery feeling more inferior than they started, particularly if they have difficulties in their life where they comfort eat.

I think that before a doctor says to you that you over overweight or obese, they should be looking at the underlying problem of why they became obese in the first place, because you do not become overweight for no reason, there is always a fundamental problem.  Doctors need to be more compassionate to their patients and, find out why before labelling them a scourge on society, which is going to cost far too much to rectify.


Who will mend the NHS?

I was completely disgusted as I sat in A&E a few weeks ago.  This was the second time I’d had to go, the first time was for mauve marks that had come up on the side of my feet and, dreadful burning pain.   I actually did not have to wait long before I was shuffled off to see a Triage nurse who thought I had Shingles to start off with, when I pointed out that there was no rash, just mauve marks like a hot water bottle had been left on it.  She had no idea, consequently neither did my own doctor…  I was fobbed off with numerous creams of which did not help, with a tut here and there and the rolling of the eyes.  Eventually months later I remembered that I had bought a tube of Hydrocortisone cream and, I put that on, hey presto, within a couple of days it was gone.

It appears that most people have come to the point where they have to self medicate themselves because the NHS is so over run that it just cannot manage and, therefore people are either not being treated properly or they are dropping like flies, in fact flies probably have a better shelf like than humans do these days.

The second time I was at A&E, I had gone up there because of suspected Crohn’s disease.  Another long story, which I will not bore anyone with, but suffice to say, I had been in hospital a week earlier on the ward being given medical care, only to be sent home eight days later, while they scratched their heads because again they had no idea and, to end up in A&E again one  week later.

While I was in A&E, taking into account the waiting time was 3 and a half hours, an elderly lady was brought in by ambulance.  She must have been about eighty years old and, was left in the waiting area, although she did have what looked like her son with her, nonetheless, she was left for two and a half hours before she was even seen.

I must say at this point, it looked as if she had fallen and, had hit her head on something because she was bleeding, but yet she was not a prime concern.

Correct me if I am mistaken, but wasn’t it the standard years ago, that if you had fallen and hit your head, particularly being an elderly person, they would take you for a scan to make sure nothing else was wrong?   Perhaps it’s just me and, times have changed, or is it because the woman was elderly and her shelf life was over as far as they were concern?

Before I get carried away, I was asked by a trainee doctor in A&E not so long ago what medication I was allergic to.  I promptly told him DF118 tablets, any doctor should have known what these were, even a trainee should have known, but he looked at me blankly and I, said to him, “You really have no idea what I’m talking about, have you?”.  In which he replied “No”.  

To those who are not doctors and nurses DF118 tablets are actually Dihydrocodeine, but a trained doctor should have known this.  Which brings me onto this, if we cannot trust doctors and nurses to give us the right medication, why should we trust them with our life?


Kids to get inventive online

The experts are calling for young people to get thinking about their future, which I was a bit miffed about, seeing as there doesn’t seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel right now.

Future, what future?  Or was he merely being funny and, that should have said futuristic.

Perhaps we have got George Osbourne all wrong and, he’s not a human being like we were led to believe, but in fact a futuristic robot, but that cannot be right either, as all robots aim to please and, there is nothing pleasing about George Osbourne at all.

I think that before putting optical illusions in front of children we should be focusing on cleaning the school system up completely.

The teaching system is up the creek without a paddle and, is clearly going down the swanny rapidly and, sooner or later will hit a ravine.

As much as I love my computer and, spend many an hour in front of it, I acquired the skill of how to read and write before technology was even thought of, well perhaps it was thought of, but it didn’t exist for a long time after that and, as much as I believe it should be part of the syllabus, it should not take over the whole curriculum and, the three R’s should still come first.

Besides, while we are on this power kick of technology, would it not be fair to say that, if George Osbourne wishes this technology spurt to come about, would it not be indicative of him to maybe make sure that each family household has a computer, paid for by the government…Whoops I forgot they’re trying to save money! 

Chancellor George Osborne teams up with The Saturdays to meet Taunton youngster Elise

While it is all extremely gratifying that George Osbourne joined the Saturdays and, went to meet Taunton youngster Elise, he needs to give Iain Duncan Smith an education on compassion and, that disabilities in fact do exist and, that not everyone is faking it.  Or is this all just a ruse to make the public believe that they actually give a damn.

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